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I help struggling couples transform the relationship they have into the relationship they desire.

Licensed Professional Counselor in MARIETTA, GA

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About My Clients

Maybe you feel like your relationship has traveled down a path from a romantic connection to a functional partnership to a life of frequent arguments and disconnection. Or is your relationship defined by silence? Maybe you feel distant and lonely in a relationship where you once felt connected, seen and heard. Do you feel like your partner has changed? These are not uncommon scenarios in relationships at all. In fact, they are somewhat predictable. We change so our relationship needs to change.

My Background and Approach

These needed changes show up as power struggles. I don't mean like a struggle for dominance but a struggle to be heard, to be considered, to be valued, to be seen. You can think of these power struggles as road signs along your relationship journey indicating a need for relational change. These needed changes often feel negative and man o man, we have our story about anything negative; particularly in relationships- "it's his fault... she is to blame... if she would only... if he loved me, he would..." Sound familiar? When you hear these or say these or think these accusation statements, you can bet your relationship is trying to get your attention to wake up! As a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, I can show you the tools and skills to move your marriage, to move your relationship out the unproductive patterns of the power struggle into the needed changes that will create a more connected, intimate and satisfying relationship.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe we all want more out of ourselves and our relationships. I believe if we can slow down, create space, and take a deep breath we can understand the importance of living an intentional life. I believe we need to get more connected to this beautiful and incredible earth of ours. We all need to get outdoors more. I believe summer camp is one the best experiences for children. "Camp gives children a unique opportunity to explore their strength, to find their courage, and to reach out beyond their comfort zone in an environment that is wholesome, supportive, and surrounded by nature’s beauty." That's taken from Camp Mac's website, I spent 16 years there as a camper and counselor. I believe we need to believe in something bigger than ourselves. I believe women's soccer is the best sport around. I believe we need to be kind to everyone. I believe therapy works. And I believe in you.

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  • Experience: 24 years of practice
  • Rate: $150 - 150/session


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