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Tired of being the doormat, a chronic people-pleaser, or the "nice one"?

Licensed Professional Counselor in Littleton, CO

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About My Clients

You take things more personally than you’d like to admit. You put on a smile and tell the world you’re okay. And you are. Mostly. You have days where you feel amazing. Connected. In sync. Yet. It never lasts, does it? Shame, sadness, and overwhelm take control again. You feel like a burden to your partner, friends, and family because of the intensity of your emotions. You’re always giving without getting anything back - but you don't know how to do it differently. This is just who are.

My Background and Approach

I guide high-achieving, sensitive people in how to go from trying to please everyone to figuring out how to take care of themselves first. ***In therapy with me, you can learn how to*** -Understand the over-giving/resentful/angry cycle (and learn how to stop it.) -Learn how to keep your compassionate, caring nature without being a doormat. -Feel happy, loveable, and whole regardless of how your family, partner, friend, or boss is feeling. -Stop feeling responsible for other people’s emotions (and learn to focus on your own.) -Feel less triggered or overwhelmed when receiving criticism from family, friends, or colleagues. -Ask for what you want and say ‘no’ without guilt. -Stop pretending you don’t have needs and actually get the support you want from others.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

1) Nothing is wrong with you.  Seriously.  I'm willing to shout it from the rooftops.  Go to your place of work with a singing telegram.  Hire a pilot to have the message scrolling throughout the skies.  2) I’m LGBTQ+ affirming and HAES/body positivity. 3) Feeling better takes hard work. We have to look at the stuff we do that keeps us stuck. I will kindly call you out. But not in a jerk way. Or like a drill sergeant. I know how to balance kindness and humor. And I know how to challenge you when I see you doing behaviors or patterns that keep you unhappy. We can figure out together how to do things differently. We will only go at a pace you feel comfortable.

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  • Experience: 11 years of practice
  • Languages: English


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