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It's all about relationships! Social justice and systems of privilege and oppression. Bodies and Minds. Parts and Self. You and me.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in East Bay, CA

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About My Clients

Does thinking about other people--what they said or didn't say, what they did or didn't do--keep you up at night? Are you feeling guilty, stuck, lost, overwhelmed, annoyed? How about having a hard time making decisions? Maybe you find yourself asking, "why"?!? All. The. Time. I want you to get some answers and some freaking relief. Together, we will have an experience that changes your experience.

My Background and Approach

As a queer-identified, able-bodied and cis-gendered woman with class and race privilege, I prioritize naming how social locations shape the ways we move and show up in our lives. Together we can go deeper, demystifying and getting at the roots of abusive systems (institutions/values/behaviors) towards acting on empowering stances. In collaboration, we will honor how you have gotten to this moment. The way I integrate my somatic orientation into our work will reflect our unique connection. I may ask you to bring your attention to a movement or gesture or invite you to be curious about a sensation or feeling you’re having in the moment. My approach is a mosaic of practices, studies and models reflecting my ever-evolving perspective on how healing happens. Specifically, my practice is informed by Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems therapy, attachment theory, Motivational Interviewing, Harm Reduction, mindfulness and theories and methods of Ethnic and Women's Studies.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I want to be a part of healing the wounds caused by power-over systems. How can we build the world we envision when we keep hurting ourselves and each other? Tragically, we often don't know how to recognize our wounds as wounds, let alone begin healing them. For over 20 years, I've dreamed of and worked towards creating a practices of care, compassion and creativity, with the intent of shifting relationships from power-over to power-with. For me, therapy is a space of shared radical creation and renewal. Each relationship is entirely unique and wholeheartedly cherished. My intersectional approach to both social justice and healing reflects my insistence on centering sincere interconnectedness.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 8 years of practice
  • Languages: English

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