Dr. Brittany Woolford (She/her)

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Lone Wolf Psychological Services is looking forward to working together to help you create authentic healthy relationships

Psychologist in Denver, CO

About Our Clients

Feeling caught in a frustrating pattern in your dating life or committed relationship? Feeling like experiences in your past are making it difficult to attain or sustain connection? In an era of online dating and instant connection that feels like disconnection, we will work together to understand your past, your current negative patterns, and how to make changes towards healthy relationships.

Our Background and Approach

Our therapists work with individuals, couples and groups, helping them feel more connected to themselves and others. We specialize in dating/online dating, break-ups, couples and premarital therapy, trauma, sexual functioning, and anxiety and depression that often results from these difficulties. The clients we work with are often hoping to change their relationship patterns and build a community of support.

Our Personal Beliefs and Interests

Our commitment is to value and advocate for each person we have the privilege of working with regardless of race, religion, relationship structure, sexual orientation, and gender expression. Through therapy together we strive to empower our clients to be their authentic selves and be comfortable naming their needs and boundaries in and out of therapy. We view therapy as a space where you will feel supported, connected, and challenged.

At A Glance

  • Experience: 10 years of practice
  • Rate: $100 - 200/session


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