Love Let Out , PLLC (They / Them)

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Accepting Clients

We specialize in nonmonogamous relationships such as polyamory and swinging, alternative lifestyles like kink/BDSM, LGBT+, and alt. faiths.

Licensed Professional Counselor in Austin, TX

About My Clients

Some have just been lifestyle bombed , the love of their life seeming to say they’re not enough. Others, having taken the leap can’t seem to stop fighting. Feeling isolated, scared, tired, and like they're going to lose everything. Take a moment to imagine your life as it could be in a few months. You are in love, all over again. With your partner(s), yourself, and how you live. Accepted for who you are, allowed to love in a way that feels natural, you are excited in your new life.

Our Background and Approach

At Love Let Out, our team works WITH you to offer custom therapeutic approaches as wonderfully powerful and unique as you are. We got into being a therapist watching people we loved and cared about going to amazingly experienced therapists, then spending the entire first session teaching that therapist the basic vocabulary of their lives, or that the way they lived their life differently wasn’t the problem they were having, the anxiety or depression or what have you was. We felt our people, the fun and weird and hurt, needed a native understanding so we got to work.

Our Personal Beliefs and Interests

We believe that what makes us weird makes us wonderful, not wrong. Participating in different alternative lifestyle communities we have seen the frustration trying to find the therapist who is looking for you, understands what it means to be the different you are, and how that’s not the problem. We offer therapy programs as unique as you are.

Techniques I Use

I offer online counseling in the following states:
I have experience with the following
  • Agnosticism
  • Buddhism
  • Christianity
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
  • Taoism
  • Wicca/Paganism
  • Interfaith
  • Multifaith

At A Glance

  • Experience: 6 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $140 - 160/session

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