Colby Bruner (He/Him)

MS, LCMFT (KS#03222), LMFT (CO#2400)
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I love when clients trust me with their story; I honor that, sometimes, I'm the first person they've told. You've found safety with me.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Overland Park, KS

About My Clients

My practice is centered within the queer community. As a queer relational therapist, my passions are fueled by identity formation, improving self-worth, relational therapy, challenging systemic oppression, and managing symptoms of depression and OCD. I also love working with queer men to create emotional maturity. My ideal clients are men who are ready to put in the work and take their next steps in their journey to better mental health and more sustainable relationships.

My Background and Approach

My academic and professional career has centered around queer intersectional identities and queer relational structures. As a nerdy therapist, I love stories! There's a reason I was an English major (aside from the fact that I'm terrible at math and science). I love hearing the things clients nerd out about and use these in therapy to help us frame our conversations around mental health and relationship building. Much of my approach centers around helping men find their voices in order to create safety and sustainability in their relationships to themselves and others. I often use the lens of "Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents." There's a lot of shame and stigma around intersectional identities and relationships. Even more so when therapists pathologize attachment styles as codependent. I utilize an interdependent model of attachment to help clients differentiate and create stronger relationships, honoring the differences between themselves and others.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

Black lives matter. Full stop. As a white person, I can never divorce the pigment of my skin from the atrocities carried out through colonization by other white people. That's just a reality of our shared history. I utilize accountability/learning for myself& educate other white folx in order to challenge systemic oppression, internalized racism,& white fragility/guilt. I take my role as a white therapist seriously in order to do my own work& never ask my clients to educate me in session. You're paying good money for therapy, so that hour each week is centered on empowering your voice. It's honoring your culture, relational structures,& your voice as we process relational, attachment, and interpersonal traumas resulting from systemic oppression. My values include: passion, purpose, creativity, hope, diversity& inclusion,& nonconformity. My aims are to highlight and empower the voices of those who have been silenced& marginalized. I hope to create safety for you.

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