Cynthia Valentine (she/her)

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Hi! My clients describe me as smart, approachable, kind and funny. I create a soothing and safe space to explore emotions.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in , CA


About My Clients

My clients are caring, empathetic, and hardworking. They're also at the end of their rope and don't know what else to do to help themselves. I take a whole-person approach. Anxiety can layer on top of other emotions making it hard to get to the root causes and struggles. Sometimes folks have undiagnosed ADHD, and haven't had proper support or recognition for this other part of them. That's where I come in. I'll help you clear away the fog so what you love is at the center of your life.

My Background and Approach

As an IFS-Informed Therapist, I help my clients get to know all the parts of them that helping and hurting. Internal Family Systems is a whole-person approach that maps out your thoughts, beliefs and emotions. We'll get down to the heart of aches and pains in your life and find better ways to soothe and comfort in times of distress. I have a background in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, with additional training in CBT and EFT. Having additional approaches is so important when my clients have unique layers to their personalities. I want to provide the best care I can. Seeing immediate shifts in people I work with is so energizing. Humans are truly miraculous. I hope you continue your journey of self healing, discovery and growth. Reach out so we can see how I might help you get there.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

This section is for me to tell you a little more about myself. I understand that knowing a little more about your therapist can help you feel more comfortable. I want to make sure I share what is relevant to your care. I will share things that aren't too personal as I believe centering my clients' experiences is the most important aspect of therapy. I am married and have 2 cats. I'm a voracious reader and learner. I read over 100 books a year, a little less than half are non-fiction. I do additional trainings and consultations each month, about 5-6 hours because I believe my skills need regular tending and development. I don't ignore the ills of the world, but I do look for the helpers, the fighters, the underlying compassion and care that is at the core of each person. I believe we all have the power to make safe, respectful choices. I take care of myself and have strong, compassionate boundaries. I am ready to meet you, exactly as you are.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 9 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $175 - 225/session

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