Desiree Norwood (she/her)

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I help perfectionists take the pressure off and learn to connect with others without feeling like they have to prove themselves.

Psychotherapist in Colorado
Supervised by Sophia Silver LPC 0017190


About My Clients

Are you secretly struggling with an overwhelming fear of failure while trying to hold it all together on the outside? Do you feel like you can't trust others to do things correctly, so you end up doing to all yourself? You must be exhausted and burnt out trying to keep it all together. Therapy can provide insight into your behavior and skills for trying a new way. I look forward to helping you reduce the burden of trying to do everything on your own and find more balance.

My Background and Approach

My journey started in a Texas panhandle trailer park. Growing up in a working-class home in a rural town, I was homeschooled before transitioning to public school. As a girl with social anxiety and one of the very few people of color at my school, I often felt out of place. From a young age, I believed that striving for perfection could make life more manageable. After earning my Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Arkansas, I grappled with my own perfectionism, leading me to seek therapy. Through this process, I developed skills that helped quiet my perfectionism and allowed my dreams to take center stage. Recognizing a deeper calling to support others, I pursued a Master's in Clinical Counseling Psychology at the University of Denver. Today, as the owner of my private practice, I provide both coaching and therapy for individuals struggling with perfectionism. My journey has equipped me with unique insights and tools to guide others toward a more fulfilling life.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe that everyone deserves compassion, care, and a place to be understood. I think behaviors are learned, and the more they are repeated, the stronger they become. While this can be true for behaviors you may want to change, it's also true for the new behaviors you will practice. I fully believe you can learn to show up in the way you desire, with less perfection and more wholeness. I believe nothing beats sitting in the sun with a good book and warm tea. I believe in social justice, and politically, I lean left; however, if our views differ, I will not judge you. If you want to learn more about working together, send me a message. I look forward to working with you!

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 5 years of practice
  • Rate: $160/session

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