Dr. Alina Schulhofer (she/her)

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My approach to therapy is psychoanalytic in nature, specializing in personal development, trauma, and relationship issues.

Psychologist in Miami, FL
Supervised by Clara Lora Ospina, PsyD

About My Clients

Derived from the two ancient Greek words psyche (“spirit” or “soul”) and therapeia (“healing”), psychotherapy is literally defined as “healing of the soul.” Trauma, loss, and other difficult experiences can cause us to lose touch with our innermost selves, leading to suffering, feelings of isolation and disconnection. Depression, anxiety, loneliness, relationship problems, and lack of purpose often result from difficulty knowing and understanding ourselves.

My Background and Approach

My approach is psychoanalytic in nature and founded on the premise that healing occurs within the context of a safe relationship that allows for the expression of your true self. By getting to know yourself more deeply, you are afforded greater freedom in making choices that are aligned with your real needs and desires. I believe that we all have have innate knowledge that makes you your own greatest teacher, and aim to serve as a guide, walking with you along the path to discovering your highest self. I specialize in treating trauma, including childhood sexual abuse, identity issues, relationship difficulties, and working with high-performers and ambitious professionals, such as C-Suite executives, athletes, artists, psychotherapists, and other medical professionals.

I offer online counseling in the following states:

At A Glance

  • Experience: 6 years of practice
  • Languages: English, Deutsch
  • Rate: $200 - 300/session

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