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Not a cookie cutter therapist....I am the therapist for those who don't want to need therapy for a lifetime.

Clinical Psychologist in Austin, TX

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About My Clients

You fool most around you, and few ever look at you and ask, “What’s wrong?” Only there is so much wrong...so much buried so deep that you could scream for hours and still not be heard. You are also resilient and have done some introspection and experienced personal growth over time. You found a way to “MacGyver” your way through relationships and life. But now you want more, you NEED more, and now your survival skills only serve to keep you confined and isolated from the life you truly deserve.

My Background and Approach

My approach starts by determining if we are a good fit, and what will let us both know that is whether or not you are ready to be held while also being encouraged to sit in the “feels” instead of running from them. I do not allow you to produce weekly monologues nor will I give you standardized homework. This is for those ready to look within and answer questions that have been too dangerous or taboo to consider previous to now. I am an active therapist immensely curious in knowing YOU. I ask A LOT of questions and interrupt or slow things down to snail’s pace. All of which are done with compassion and intention because I want to see you. While I’m confident in my areas of expertise, you are the expert of your experiences, which means that this is a collaborative effort that looks different from therapeutic relationship to therapeutic relationship. I specialize in complex trauma, couples issues, identity (e.g. cultural, erotic, intersectionality/contextualized), kink/eroticism

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I hold two firm beliefs: 1. Context matters. We all share the basic concepts as it relates to the world we live in. However you contextualize your world and relationships stems from your intimate history and experiences in relation to them. Context is at the core of the human experience and influences how perspectives are formed. I believe everything makes sense when context is understood. 2. Your erotic identity is as essential to leading a thriving life as are the other parts of your identity. You should feel as comfortable with sex as you do with health, finances, or spirituality. It is necessary in order to fully integrate as a human being who has complete agency and liberation over all the aspects of your identity. Sexual exploration and growth is not about pushing sexual comfort, it IS about identifying and owning your sexual comfort in a way that allows you to own your sexuality and sexual desires. Sexual exploration and growth is about fully stepping into yourself.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 6 years of practice
  • Rate: $250 - 300/session


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