Gabriella Losada (she/her)

Accepting Clients

Collaborating with clients to find meaningful ways to build mind/body connection, move through grief, and explore life after trauma.

Professional Counselor Associate in Portland, OR
Supervised by Emily Berry, LPC

  • Individual
  • Couples

About My Clients

My clients are interested in navigating uncomfortable emotions and connecting with their bodies in the process. Their concerns fall into four (often overlapping) categories: -a lack of mind/body connection due to trauma or depersonalization/derealization -grieving a death, a romantic or platonic breakup, or a loss of self -sex and pleasure (or lack thereof) and the impact it has on their lives -are burned out and looking for new ways to connect with themselves and those around them

My Background and Approach

Your process is important and I don’t believe in changing or taking away coping mechanisms that have allowed you to survive until this point. Instead, the idea is to give you new or different options to sift through complicated situations or feelings and help you evaluate what you feel is no longer serving you. Talking can be a great way to process but sometimes words aren't enough. During sessions, I use a mix of experiential and somatic techniques. Experientially, we might do some writing, make art, use music, or create a tangible coping tool you can use. Somatically, this might look like doing body scans, grounding exercises, small physical movement, guided visualizations, or just pausing and noticing what your body is doing and how it’s feeling. All of my work is rooted in trauma-informed care and intersectional feminist theory to create a collaborative environment where your "no" is honored and where we acknowledge the ways oppressive systems hinder healing.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

Above all else, I believe in liberation for all marginalized groups. I believe in active mutual aid, radical collective care, and harm reduction. The personal and political are impossible to disentangle and what is happening globally, nationally, and locally often shows up in the therapy room. I hope to create an environment that embodies intersectionality, sex positivity, gender-affirming care, disability justice, and anti-racism. However, I fully acknowledge that this is an ongoing, imperfect process that I have to actively work on. I hold a lot of privileged identities (white, cisgender, thin, formally educated, US citizen) and some largely invisible marginalized identities (Latina, woman, living with chronic illness/pain, queer, neurodivergent). It’s important to me that I understand the impact my privilege has and how that shows up in and out of the therapy room. I always welcome conversations about how our differing or similar identities impact your process.

Insurance Plans Accepted
  • Health Share of Oregon
I offer online counseling in the following states:

At A Glance

  • Experience: 2 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $140 - 200/session


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