Ioana Montel (she/her)

Supervisee in Social Work
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MSW, MSc, Supervisee in Social Work providing trauma focused interventions for adults, couples, and teens.

Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern in Vienna, VA

  • Individual
  • Family
  • Adolescent/Teen

About My Clients

Do you feel defective, discarded, alone or abandoned? Are you struggling with anxiety, panic attacks and apprehension that something is not quite right? Do you sometimes think that you might be invisible? I know firsthand how trauma can affect our daily lives, even when we think we should be in a better place by now, because, after all, it has been years since that event...I can help you connect the dots with the help of EMDR.

My Background and Approach

Together, we will tackle the memories, flashbacks and physical sensations that are interfering with your life. We will explore what is going on the present and how it connects with your life experiences and memories. I will introduce you to techniques that will help you find some relief in the present, while we address the underlying issues that are the cause of your difficulties. We will explore what happens in the brain when faced with a situation that is beyond its ability to handle and how to get unstuck from the past. We will work together to move beyond the flight, fight or freeze response to a place where you are able to process the past and be present in your life.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe that if we know better, we can do better. I believe we are meant to live together, in a tribe, that supports and helps each other; that there is strength and growth when we have a support system and that we should not face life alone. I believe that understanding how our brain and body work is critical, not only because it helps us heal our own wounds, but because we are affecting the next generations. There is a ripple trauma effect, that goes through generations and with the knowledge we have today, we have the power to change that, today and tomorrow.

Insurance Plans Accepted
  • Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • CareFirst

At A Glance

  • Experience: 1 year of practice
  • Languages: English, Русский
  • Rate: $130/session


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Vienna, VA 22180

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