Jamila Dawson (she/her)

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I help people manage trauma, be sexually confident & discover that sexuality & relationships can be a place of joy, pleasure, & growth.

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About My Clients

I offer a space that centers healing for People of Color but is open to ALL folks on their healing journey. I have an expertise in: supporting people with sexual challenges (sexual compulsivity/ sexual anorexia/sexual dysfunctions), those involved in or curious about BDSM/kink, polyamory/ethical non-monogamy, Gifted Adults/Highly Sensitive People. I also help people with understanding and moving through intergenerational & complex trauma.

My Background and Approach

Our connections to others are what sustains us through this life. It is my goal to help people who are looking to shed pain, shame and disconnection and create new sexual and relationship possibilities. I want to work with you to mindfully design the kind of vibrant nourishing relationship that everyone should have. Your suffering and challenges are not failures of your body or your mind but as responses to a culture and a history that has damaging and unhealthy views on sex, religion, relationships, bodies, race, and gender. Because of this, my work is strongly rooted in somatic practices, guided self-discovery, interpersonal neurobiology, relationship skills, high quality info about sex and helping my clients navigate not just their own relationships, but the cultures in which they live. My primary goal is to help create a world in which people have equal access to relationships built on consent, pleasure and growth. proud to be LGBTQIA2S-welcoming and sex worker friendly

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I deeply believe that sex & relationships can fuel us to be empathic & courageous people. When you can satisfy yourself and/or negotiate with a welcoming partner, that kind of self-confidence and joy spreads to other areas of your life. But for many of us social elements combine to make us fear our sexuality or police its full expression. Growing up I never saw any images of Black women’s sexuality portrayed in a nuanced way. When I realized that I was kinky, queer, & poly, there wasn’t anyone I could talk to. I was shamed, fetishized or ignored. There was a lot of isolation that led to unsatisfying relationships & finally, serious depression. Ultimately, because of caring people in my life, I finally found my footing. I don’t want other people to spend years unfulfilled or ashamed of who they are and what they like. Now, my joys in life are teaching classes/mentoring people & my other pleasures include reading new sci-fi, old mysteries, watching 50’s movies, wineries, and road trips.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 7 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $200 - 250/session

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