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I work with people who feel stuck in their unhelpful relational patterns and want to break free of the stress, reactivity, and conflict.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Aptos, CA

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About My Clients

You're stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. Things feel like they're falling apart. Your emotions build up until they explode, and it's making problems at home or at work... or both. Maybe you've even tried therapy before, but it focused too much on helping you manage your emotions instead of exploring where they came from. You're ready for deeper work to get down to the roots of these patterns so you can discover true healing.

My Background and Approach

In therapy, we'll go deep and get down into your inner world to explore your experience, old narratives, and your history. I gently press, give honest feedback, and give you space to process areas of shame and pain without judgment. You’ll feel heard, understood, and supported. Even when these patterns feel repetitive, we’ll work through them. You’ll get insights into yourself and your inner world. We’ll transform these insights into practical steps to help these challenging concepts and difficult tasks feel achievable. Therapy with me will help you feel more like yourself. You’ll get language to talk about what’s going on for you which may or may not include a formal diagnosis. Your inner dialogue will improve. Instead of internalized shame and blame, you’ll learn to talk to yourself with kindness and understand your past in light of grace. You’ll learn how to pay attention to what’s going on inside.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

You matter. You deserve to show up in your relationships, to have needs, to feel like you are wanted. But so many of us are missing those genuine connections. In our desire to be loved, we hide ourselves and become the person that others need so they won't leave. As a result, we get stuck feeling like we can't be fully authentic or others will reject us. But that kind of life feels hollow and empty. When you live for others, nobody is there to show up for you. You know the answer is to reconnect with yourself, to find those forgotten parts. But that kind of honesty and vulnerability can be paralyzing. What if you show up authentically in your closest relationships and you get rejected or invalidated? What if you discover that your closest relationships are one sided and conditional and being authentic means having to start over? It can feel terrifying to be open and vulnerable, and therapy can help you through your journey to reclaim your life and your identity.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 7 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $160/session

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