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I help people heal from religious trauma by releasing shame and fear and connecting to their true, authentic self.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Fort Collins, CO

About My Clients

My clients’ survivor-oriented instincts led them out of their past religious environment, but now they find that life with religious trauma is overwhelming. My clients are grappling with feelings of confusion or shame about their identity. Their inner critic is raging. They suffer from perfectionism and are definitely exhausted from people-pleasing. They experience shame about their sexuality. Often, lifelong relationships are fracturing. These are some of the effects of religious trauma.

My Background and Approach

My practice is non-religious, non-judgmental, and LGBTQI+-affirming. I offer education about religious trauma and its effects so that we can make sense of what happened to you and how it is getting in the way of your vision for your life now. We'll deconstruct your past harmful religious beliefs and then we'll learn tools and skills to heal and support yourself moving forward into the life you want—the life you envisioned for yourself when you left—not the one you were handed while you were in. You deserve an open, safe space to heal. Together, we can support your true self and bring you out into the center of your life, authentic and free. If you are ready to heal from religious trauma and move forward into a life of authentic joy, I'd love to help you get there. Call me now. You don't have to suffer with lingering shame. I can help. I've been there, too.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I am a secular humanist, and this informs all of my personal values, and my professional values. I am committed to social justice. I believe that human beings are the source and end of all of our problems. We are the source of pain, and the source of healing. We are the catalyst for innovation, creativity, joy, healing, and goodness. Our healing comes from our own authentic understandings of who we are as individuals, but also as connected human beings in community together. We can be a force for tremendous healing, growth, and creativity. I am passionate about healing trauma that results from our own human systems of oppression derived from the drive toward power and control. I am especially passionate about healing the patriarchal oppression present in fundamentalist systems of religion, and its disastrous effects on individuals and children. I strongly believe in the ability of Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy to re-connect you to yourself and your internal healing wisdom.

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  • Atheism
  • Christianity

At A Glance

  • Experience: 8 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $130 - 200/session


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