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Do you have insomnia or nightmares that replay an event? You must be exhausted. I can help you finally get a good night's rest.

Licensed Professional Counselor in Farmington Hills, MI

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About My Clients

Something happened and it's over now, but it doesn't feel over for you. You don't sleep well. You've tried to just forget about it and move on, but reminders are everywhere. Your body feels different, like it isn't yours anymore. You carry a lot of tension and you feel keyed up all the time. You're stuck in a fog as life passes you by. Others tell you that you’re not the same — you’re “moody”; “sensitive”; “angry.” You're just treading water and you're not sure what to do next.

My Background and Approach

What you're experiencing is not a personal failing. There's a reason why you just can't get over it. I have a safe place for you to talk about what is going on without judgement. We will slowly, and gently, bump up against what has happened so that we can help you move out of the past and into the present. I will never make you talk about something that you don't want to share and you don't even have to talk about the event at all. There are ways to process distressing events without talking about them, and I have expertise in those methods. I want to help you understand the effects of distressing events and the real changes that has occurred in your body. There is a way to move past this, and I can help you find your path forward. Together, we can take the power away from these memories and help you feel more grounded in the present.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe that everyone who has experienced a distressing event (whether big or small) can have a life worth living. And although you won't forget what happened, I believe that we can change the way your distressing memories impact your daily life. I have witnessed my clients have deeply meaningful and restorative experiences through fully participating in therapy with me. I am truly privileged to be a therapist and help my clients navigate difficult times in their lives. Experiencing distressing events is bad enough as it is and shouldn't come with the shame of feeling like you're weak or broken. I believe that with education about the normal and expected impacts of distressing events, we can lessen the amount of shame associated with experiencing trauma symptoms. If you are ready to take an active role in your own healing, call me to schedule a free phone consultation. If you feel safe and connected to me during our conversation, we can continue on your journey of healing together.

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  • Experience: 5 years of practice
  • Languages: English


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