Marian Thompson (She/Her)


I provide a non-judgmental, all inclusive, sex positive place for individuals and couples to talk about intimacy, relationships, and trauma.

Clinical Social Worker in Austin, TX

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About My Clients

You've finally found the relationship you want and you’ve worked hard to be a good partner. You can be kind and supportive and attentive. But then there are moments when it’s like you can’t find the logical part of your brain. You find yourself overcome with anxiety, anger or fear. You know you should probably walk away to take some space but it’s so hard to do in those moments. Or maybe you freeze up and you can’t come out of it. Sometimes you do or say things that you later regret.

My Background and Approach

Through an approach that integrates mind and body, I can help clients heal from old wounds that are affecting them in their current relationships. We can work together to set boundaries and tune in to your intuition. I can help couples or individuals slow things down so that they have more choices in what they do or say in moments of distress. You deserve to feel secure and happy in yourself and in your relationship. You're ready to heal from old baggage and open yourself up to new possibilities and safe relationships. I'd love to help you get there.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe that humans have an innate capacity for resilience. Trauma or adverse experiences open up opportunities for tremendous growth - I am constantly amazed by the positive resilience I've witnessed in clients throughout our work together. I enjoy working with adult individuals and couples. My clients include people people who identify throughout the LGBTQ+ spectrum and with a wide range of relationship practices. I am inspired by Esther Perel, Emily Nagoski and Staci Haines and other leaders in the sex positive movement. Call now for a free 20 minute phone consult

At A Glance

  • Experience: 15 years of practice
  • Rate: $120/session


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