Matthew Syzdek (He/Him)

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Accepting Clients

A boutique practice that gives each client the time and access they need to an affirming psychologist.

Psychologist in Lakeville, MN

About My Clients

I care for patients ages 15+ who come from a diversity of backgrounds. This practice is ideal for busy professionals, executives, and stressed out college students. A common theme for my clients is feeling burned out in work or life. You won't be one of 35 clients seen in a week, which is typical in most practices. Instead you will have a dedicated, compassionate psychologist provide you the most evidence-based psychological therapy, coaching, or consultation.

My Background and Approach

I use cutting-edge behavior therapies based on the best science in the field. I match you to the most effective therapy for your issue while individualizing a treatment plan to meet your specific goals and needs. You should receive more than a cookie-cutter treatment plan. With a boutique practice you get access to the best treatments customized for you. While each treatment needs to be adapted for a client, I tend to match the most effective therapy to the client's needs. For example, I often treat depression initially with behavioral activation and then may add on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (adds mindfulness and acceptance) or Functional Analytic Therapy (addresses relationship issues). Clients experiencing anxiety often benefit from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and components of exposure. The gold standard for OCD is exposure and response prevention. For trauma, I typically start with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and add exposure (CPT, PE, or WET).

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I want to deconstruct social structures that limit human potential or induce pain and suffering. Gender, Race, Religion, and Sexuality are social constructs that have very real consequences for the world, social groups, and individual lives. As a White psychologist I continually am evaluating how white privilege harms my clients and BIPOC individuals and communities. Similarly, I am evaluating how my social position may harm others whether it's intended or not. I participate in social action and I need to do more. I believe that a psychologist must integrate gender, race, class, and sexuality into their conceptualization of their clients. These intersections are where people live and ignoring oppression perpetuates it and may prevent a client from getting better.

At A Glance

  • Experience: 18 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $249/session


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