Natasha Peavy (she/her)

Accepting Clients

I am couple and family therapist candidate who is passionate about helping you heal from the past and grow within your relationships.

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in , CO
Supervised by LaTonya Dulaney-Harris

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  • Couples
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  • Adolescent/Teen

About My Clients

Do you long to express yourself honestly? Do you want to feel heard and understood in your relationships, but are going in circles arguing with your partner and/or family members? Do you desire a deeper connection to yourself and with others? Perhaps you struggle to give yourself self-compassion when you make a mistake (the one you’ve made over and over again)... If you nodded your head "yes" to any of these – I see you. I know these challenges well, and I can help you navigate through them.

My Background and Approach

My philosophical and therapeutic foundation is rooted in Virginia Satir’s Human Growth Model, which has a focus on developing congruence. At its core, this process is about learning how to tap into your authentic self and share vulnerably with others for the sake of true connection. I believe that change occurs in two main ways. The first way is through insight. When you have conscious awareness of the patterns in your life, you will begin to live in a more mindful way, making wiser choices for yourself than you would have in the past. The second way is through experience. Therapy is a dedicated time and space, outside of your day-to-day life, in which you can practice vulnerability by allowing yourself to see and be seen by another human. Much like going to the gym to work out your physical body, therapy strengthens your heart so that you can face difficult situations “out in the real world” with more confidence and ease.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe that everyone has a story to share, and one of the most healing things we can do is simply tell someone else what we are going through. I provide a non-judgmental and empathetic space for you to share your story and get that weight off your chest. I also love guiding clients to discover tangible ways to improve their life on a day-to-day basis, while also delving into the past to unearth the root cause of the external, manifested symptoms. My core values are authenticity, vulnerability, connection, and peace. A large part of this work is learning how to express your authentic self, which often means delving into a vulnerable place. I understand this can be very uncomfortable, but rest assured that I am with you, also bringing my whole, real self to the therapy room every day. We are in this together.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 2 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $120 - 140/session

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