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If you are here, it's b/c you are serious about your mental health and want the best therapist to take you forward in your journey! #here4it

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About My Clients

You have difficulty focusing on what or who matters most to you, because of stressors, social media, or running all of the terrible “what if” scenarios in your head. You find it difficult to separate yourself from other people’s problems or you often feel overwhelmed by the intensity of your own emotions and don’t know how to cope. You tend to be stuck in your head, overthinking e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, replaying the same thoughts over and over.

My Approach to Helping

I take great pride in not being a typical cookie-cutter therapist. I use humor in sessions (and maybe a few cuss words, okay maybe sometimes more than a few), because I wholeheartedly believe therapy is a place where you’re able to be your true, authentic self. Authentic me is funny, creative, professional, transparent, cusses, and will strategically find ways to make #hashtags therapeutic, uses quotes and other media in therapy, and sometimes shares personal stories, when relevant to a topic we are exploring together in therapy. Attending therapy takes great courage and is not for the faint of heart. I help you feel comfortable the moment we begin working together. My therapy “superpowers” are honoring your unique life experiences while holding them sacred, leveling up your mindset, containing the information you don’t share with even the people closest to you. I'm not here to pass judgment, only accept you for who you are, where you are right now, and help you progress in life!

More About the People I Treat

ALL are welcomed and valued here. My clients come from a diverse range of ages (18+), genders, sexual orientations, races or ethnicities, religions, marital statuses, mental and physical abilities, and socio-economic backgrounds! You are unsatisfied with your relationships and you keep accepting less than what you truly desire and aren’t sure why. You lie awake in bed for an hour or more unable to sleep because it feels like you can’t turn off the constant replays of the day or worries you have racing in your brain. You make “To-do” lists to help you stay organized and not forget things, but rarely cross everything off and are highly critical towards yourself about “not getting enough done.” Life feels like it is on rinse and repeat, day in and day out and you wonder if it will ever feel any different. You are working so hard to keep your shit together and simultaneously get off the struggle bus, but you feel so effing drained all the time.

At A Glance

  • Experience: 11 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $230 - 300/session

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