Nobuko Hattori (She/her/hers)

Licensed Psychologist

Hi, I'm Nobuko. I help people with overwhelming emotions, trauma and PTSD. I offer integrative psychotherapy to achieve mind-body balance

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About My Clients

Have you had a traumatic experience? Does your body tense up every time you are reminded of it? You may be avoiding situations where you would be reminded of the experience. These are typical signs of trauma. If you find your symptoms not getting better over time, trauma-focused therapy can be very helpful.

My Background and Approach

Trauma-focused therapy is a skill based therapy. It integrates your thoughts, feelings and your bodily reactions (like tightening of your body and shallow breathing). In working with me, you will first learn the mechanism of trauma, and the skills to manage your symptoms. This helps you to feel more in control of your body and the emotions. Then, we will reprocess your trauma so that you can, not just survive your symptoms, but thrive and enjoy your life again. We will move at the pace that you are comfortable with. Unlike some trauma-focused approaches, I do not make my clients to recount and repeat the details of trauma. More and more research is confirming that you don't need to recall/retell the details of trauma in order to heal.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe that we are made to heal - every one of us has the natural healing ability that we are born with, just as a plant grows towards the sun. When we don't heal, there is something that is blocking our natural ability. That's where therapy comes in - to remove the block. I do so by bringing thoughts, feelings, and the body together. I love incorporating creativity and movements to therapy, making therapy experiential to get my clients out of a rut. Let's try an experiment here. Think, just for a few seconds, about the problem that you want to work on in therapy. Can you sense your own reaction in your body? It maybe in you chest, gut, tightening in your body, or it maybe something different. If you can sense something in your body, we will be a good match for therapy. A small but important value of mine as a therapist: I call/email back. It's a common courtesy, yet hard to find among therapists.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 16 years of practice
  • Languages: 日本語
  • Rate: $150 - 150/session


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