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I’d like to help you feel less depressed, be kinder to yourself, and get in touch with what’s good, strong, and authentic about you.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Philadelphia, PA

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About My Clients

Are you feeling sad or depressed? Do you experience lots of guilt or obligation, but little enjoyment? Are you feeling bad about yourself? Are these feelings stopping you from having satisfying relationships? Living like this can be really painful. But it can get better. Together, we can figure out what’s causing your depression, and ways to overcome it. I’d like to help you feel better, stop beating yourself up, and access what’s good, strong, and authentic about you. And enjoy your life more!

My Background and Approach

I’d like to share with you what I know about helping people with depression feel better. First, understanding the roots of your depression can help you feel better in a lasting way. We’ll explore the important events in your life, and how they have contributed to your present life and relationships. I have a lot of training in how to do this in a safe and comfortable way. Second, developing a kind, non-judgmental awareness of your experience in the moment can relieve a lot of pressure. I have training in teaching mindfulness and other tools to help you do this. These skills can give you the confidence to tolerate difficult feelings if they do arise. Third, a caring therapeutic relationship can in itself be a huge help in feeling better. I don’t judge or get freaked out easily. You can tell me anything and we can talk it through in a way that isn’t overwhelming. Working together you’ll understand yourself better and be kinder to yourself, so you can live a bigger, bolder, happier life.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

A bit about me: I believe in this process. I’ve seen it work, in myself and others, and I feel grateful to get to share this experience with people. I believe that all people – and this includes you! – have the potential to live happier, more creative, and more meaningful lives. I believe most of us are doing the best we can, most of the time. And that we live in a difficult society with lots of pressures and stresses, particularly for people in non-dominant groups. I also believe we’ve all got a treasure trove of good in us, and when we chip away the residue from painful experiences, we can access it, trust it, and build on it. Personally, I’ve been practicing mindfulness meditation for about 9 years, and I think it’s helped me to be more at ease, and a more compassionate person. I’m also an unapologetic introvert. I love to read, draw/paint, cook, and play a bit of guitar. Most important, I’d love to help you feel better. If that sounds interesting to you, please contact me!

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 7 years of practice
  • Rate: $85 - 135/session


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