Polly Harrison (she/her)

LPC C7190
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I work with adults in their times of reckoning & transition. I have a great love for work with mourners & parents of very young children.

Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, OR


About My Clients

You're challenged by parenthood, thoughtful about your tiny person's development and your own unfolding transformation. You're grieving the death of a loved one- or the loss of a dream, relationship, or identity- you want a container for the enormous feelings pounding your mind, body, and spirit. You're coming to terms with the limits of your own time on earth and seeking clarity on your path. You may be wishing to know & love yourself better, and to so better love the people close to you.

My Background and Approach

Before becoming a therapist I spent 15 years as a nanny, embedded within several different families. The first child I cared for died following a lengthy battle with pediatric cancer. Then, and in the deaths and transitions I've experienced since, I found opportunity to awaken- to live more honestly, to honor the full range of my human emotions, to forgive and love myself as I believe we are all meant to. I bring this core belief to my work as your therapist. I have completed Our House Grief Support Center's clinical grief specialist training to work with children and adults who are walking the difficult road of profound mourning. In our work together, we'll explore the ​usefulness​ of the behaviors you want to change, to  understand what purpose they serve for you. We'll invite those uncomfortable thoughts closer even as you may want to push them away. We'll offer acceptance and care to the parts you've been beating up in the privacy of your own mind.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe that even the most unsettling or confusing  thoughts and behaviors were at one time a reasonable solution. All parts of you are welcome. Nothing is undeserving of attention. Systemic barriers are real, though sometimes- like Dorothy and her ruby slippers- we've possessed the solutions to our troubles all along. They are within the wise You and they want to be known. Since 2015 I have volunteered my time in support of child grievers through Our House school grief groups and the transformational Camp Erin. I have also volunteered through Clear Transitions, contributing to workshops for women living through the transition of divorce, and through the Pablove Foundation, supporting research and quality of life programs for children battling cancer. I believe that offering time in a meaningful capacity is a vital component of a whole healthy self. I also believe that creativity is necessary for human mental health, and find some of mine in embroidery and cooking.

I offer online counseling in the following states:

At A Glance

  • Experience: 12 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $100 - 100/session

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