Raffi Bilek


I help individuals, couples, and families improve their relationships to reduce conflict, increase connection, and achieve happier lives.

Counselor in Baltimore, MD

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About My Clients

You're frustrated with your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend/partner. You can't seem to stop arguing. Your communication is the pits. Or you barely even talk at all - you feel like roommates more than romantic partners. Or your mom/dad/sibling/child is driving you crazy. You wish you had a better relationship with them, but can't seem to get through to them. You desperately want to reconnect. In short, you want to make your relationships work, and right now, they're not. I can help you fix them.

My Background and Approach

I have a master's degree in social work, which has prepared me to work with a wide variety of people and situations. The problems I am best at helping you solve revolve around relationships - romantic, family, social, professional, and more. We’ll work together to develop skills and tools you can use right away to make a positive change in your relationships. You’ll learn what it takes to leave the stress behind and change your relationships into a place you turn to for support instead of running away from. I'll help you clarify what you're looking for and understand what you need to do to achieve it. I'll also help you understand what is and is not in your control, so that you don't spend your time and energy working to achieve something that's not in your power. Together we’ll collaborate to turn your relationships from a source of stress to a source of connection and support.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe that connecting with other people is what makes us most human and what brings the most satisfaction in our lives. I see our relationships as the best channel for achieving happiness and personal growth, and I thrive on helping others succeed in this area. By the same token, broken and abusive relationships can make our lives unbearable. In addition to running a counseling center, I am the director of an abuse intervention program for domestic violence offenders. I am pained by the abuse of men, women, and children anywhere and I am proud to be working to help abusers to find new ways of behaving. I am family- and marriage-friendly. I am married myself with 4 children (yes, it IS a lot, I know).

Do We Need Couples Counseling?

It can seem puzzling to figure out whether couples counseling is called for, or how to even make such a decision. So I’ll let you in on a little secret that should make this much easier for you.

I have experience with the following
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At A Glance

  • Experience: 10 years of practice
  • Rate: $100 - 150/session


103 Old Court Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21208