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I approach therapy from a holistic perspective, and try to understand everything about your situation, thoughts & behavior patterns.

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About My Clients

Patients come to me for many different issues. All have something in common: the desire to improve. Maybe you want to improve your mood, thoughts, behavior, and/or relationships. I can support making these changes. Just like physical therapy, the goal is to support you with interventions so that ideally you would not need treatment anymore. Treatment can be brief, just learning and practicing new skills. However, sometimes our lives become so chaotic we need longer support through the storm.

My Background and Approach

I have a variety of clinical experience including individual therapy as well as work in the community, primary care, and hospital settings. My residency at the University of Florida, a level one trauma center, supported my training in grief and trauma psychology, and various somatic disorders. I can help you adjust after intense change or loss. After residency, I worked in outpatient settings where I delivered individual therapy to address a variety of mental health issues. While working in primary care and hospital settings I developed additional subspecialties in postpartum issues, domestic violence recovery, divorce recovery, managing ADHD symptoms as well as ADHD related depression and anxiety, somatic disorders, and functional neurological symptom disorder- all subtypes including PNES.

Why I Became a Therapist

As a 9/11 survivor, I and have a deep understanding of recovery from loss, depression, and trauma. I was angry about the poor mental health treatment I received and as soon as I was functional I started going to school and didn't stop until I had a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I approach treatment with a balance of providing compassion & empathy while also sharing relevant information such as neurological underpinnings of behavior, research, and common psychological side effects. I will tell you patterns I see, and give you options of how to change your response to your thoughts as well as change behaviors so you can have different outcomes and achieve your personal goals.

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  • Experience: 12 years of practice


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