Samantha Sanecki (she/her)

Accepting Clients

Hi my name is Sam and I am a neurodivergent counselor and art therapist. I am ready to support you along your journey of self-discovery.

Licensed Professional Counselor in , IL
Supervised by Elena Crossman LCPC

About My Clients

Do you ever think to yourself, 'Why does everything feel so difficult'? Work, school, and daily chores feel overwhelming while you watch others seemingly breeze through life. No amount of shame, guilt, or willpower will change you. You are not lazy or careless, you are tired and burnt out. You are existing in a world that hasn't been accommodating to you. By working to accept this and dismantle what you think is 'normal' you can unburden yourself and increase your energy and capacity for joy.

My Background and Approach

I graduated from Adler University with a Master's in counseling and art therapy. I believe that words often do not cut it when trying to share and past experiences or intense feelings. I often use talk and art therapy to help my clients access deeper emotional reflection. I am a person-centered therapist that believes you know yourself best and my job is to be an empathetic, nonjudgmental facilitator to support your growth. I frequently use concepts of narrative and internal family systems to support client treatment goals. I want you to understand that my role is not to "fix" you; instead, it's to help you navigate and manage stressors effectively. Together, we'll work towards building resilience and finding the balance you seek in a world that often feels overwhelming.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I firmly believe that therapy can be a transformative experience for nearly everyone. The key to success often lies in finding a therapist with whom you share comfort and understanding. I've personally navigated the challenging journey of therapist selection, so I understand how daunting it can be. As your therapist, my primary goal is to create an environment where you feel fully accepted, safe, and confident in sharing without fear of judgment. I'm acutely aware that therapy hasn't always been a safe or accessible space for LGBTQIA+ individuals and people of color. I'm dedicated to ongoing education to bridge this gap and ensure a supportive space for all. I firmly believe that therapists must acknowledge the societal issues impacting mental health today. Many individuals work tirelessly yet still find themselves grappling with the daily challenges of balancing life. Much of what we explore in our sessions is a natural response to the complexities of the world we inhabit.

Insurance Plans Accepted
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO
I offer online counseling in the following states:

At A Glance

  • Experience: 3 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $90 - 145/session

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