Shin Ock (she/her/hers)

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Dr. Ock is a psychologist and expert in mental health, resilience, era transitions, and burnout care for physicians, achievers, and leaders.

Psychologist in North Bethesda, MD


About My Clients

Ezar Psychology offers “help for helpers.” The physicians, achievers, and leaders who tirelessly checked all the boxes, but never feel like it's enough. How are you dealing with abnormal, inhumane stressors? In our culture and healthcare systems, the problems were not caused by you. The answer can't be for you to complete another module and push through on your own. Have relentless demands and expectations left you burned out, depressed, anxious, and even traumatized? Something needs to change.

My Background and Approach

I specialize in values-guided therapy for folks who feel trapped in broken systems, notably in medicine. My approach seamlessly integrates evidence-based practices with collegial discussions to clarify your values and help you take aligned actions. You will cultivate openness, flexibility, and resilience to whatever comes next. The way forward is yours. It is not always easy, but therapy also doesn't have to be a drag! Let’s dig down together so that you build a life that can withstand whatever comes next. Let your values guide you to a more peaceful way. Connect with a therapist who is an expert in resilience and who shares your lived experiences of a career in complex and relentless systems. Take the step from contemplation to action. Contact for a complimentary 20-min consult. NOTE: My practice is committed to physician wellness at every stage of career. I dedicate a limited number of reduced-fee spaces for medical students and residents. Ask about openings!

At A Glance

  • Experience: 12 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $210/session

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