Tatyana Kholodkov (she/her)

Ph.D., DYRT (1000)
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Suffering presents itself in many ways. Our task in this life is to navigate this journey as gracefully as possible, and to be present.

Clinical Psychologist in Durham, NC

About Our Clients

Project Yes PLLC clients are seeking to live a life with more ease and meaning. Our clients are often experiencing some form of stuckness or wanting to enhance their life. They may be navigating depression and pervasive anxiety, a major life change, healing from trauma, getting freedom from unhelpful habits, and exploring their identities. They want more depth in their self-awareness and their relationships (LGBTQIA, monogamous, poly, kinky). Our clients receive compassionate, affirming care!

What We Specialize In

Check out theprojectyes.com for our diverse team! Our team works with clients to gain clarity, experience the full range of feelings, and live a meaningful, authentic life. We are explicitly LGBTQIA2+ affirming, sex and body positive. First and foremost, we honor you as an individual, and prioritize the therapeutic relationship. All Project Yes PLLC therapists provide trauma informed and diversity affirming care. We use evidence-informed practice to support our work by staying on top of research, assessing symptoms throughout treatment, and incorporating EBP principles. Specialties vary by therapist in the practice, including ACT, DBT, CBT, narrative therapy, exposure therapy and ExRP, relational cultural therapy, trauma-focused treatment, mindfulness, compassion focused, Buddhist psychology, somatic approaches. Dr. Tatyana Kholodkov also offers psychedelic psychotherapy (including ketamine assisted psychotherapy) and psychedelic integration.

Our Personal Beliefs and Interests

Project Yes PLLC as a wellness company is built upon principles of radical inclusion, affirming to all bodies, brains, identities, relationships, and sexual practices. Our therapists also have identities and lived experiences listed on their profiles, and invite conversations about what it is like to be navigating the systems and structures of society. We are also all humans and the things that are important are part of our personal identities. You may see our therapists at lgbtqia rights events and pride, at sex positive workshops, and offering public education events. We also aim to de-stigmatize the safe use of psychedelics and increase conversations about self-healing. This group private practice offers training opportunities for newest generation of therapists through internship programs and post-doctoral placement, which also helps with access to care for our community through sliding scale services. We also have groups, workshops, and a blog!

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  • Buddhism

At A Glance

  • Experience: 10 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $235/session

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