Tiffany Triplett (she/her)

M.A. in Clinical Psychology, EMDR, EFT and Gottman Trained
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I'm an inclusive therapist, here for all relationships, including the one with yourself. I see and hear you, and am ready to support you!

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Diego, CA

About My Clients

Have you ever wondered what happened to the closeness you once shared with your partner(s)? It's disheartening when that feeling of not wanting to spend time with them creeps in, replacing the connection you once had. You used to feel like a team, facing life's challenges together, but somewhere along the way, life changes and circumstances pulled you apart instead of drawing you closer. Now, you're left pondering, "Can we make this work?" I understand the complex emotions you're going through.

My Background and Approach

I'm here to help. Through evidence-based practices of Emotion Focused Therapy along with Gottman Couples Therapy, I'll guide you and your partner(s) in rekindling the flame of your relationship. We'll work on helping you and yours feel seen, heard, responded to, and fully engaged with one another. It's not uncommon for long-term relationships to experience periods of strain, and even the strongest partnerships can face hurdles. Life's demands, evolving priorities, and changing dynamics can challenge your connection. The key is to address these challenges and rediscover the joy, romance, and friendship that initially brought you together. By exploring effective communication, identifying strengths, and altering behaviors that no longer serve your relationship, you can create a pathway to reconnection and revitalization. I am here to assist you in this journey, offering the support and tools needed to navigate these complexities and help you rebuild a fulfilling and lasting bond.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe that we are inherently wired for connection throughout our entire lifespan. Emotional and relational traumas, especially during critical developmental stages, can leave lasting distress that affects our functioning in the world and throughout our relationships. The good news is that we can heal from these attachment wounds, forging new, secure connections that nurture and maintain healthy relationships. I believe that all of us are in process, constantly changing, growing...evolving! I think the main reason we develop mental health issues is that as we go about our lives and experience what we do, we at times develop unhealthy ways of coping with life's stressors. However, I think we can also unlearn these and choose healthier coping strategies that allow for true authentic connection to ourselves, others, and the world. I don't just believe this, I know it, because I've lived to see the fruition of this unlearning in my own life and throughout my relationships.

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