Why Everyone Needs Therapy

Nicole Saunders, LCSW on Mar 24, 2023 in Mood and Feelings

There’s often a stigma associated with therapy: everyone who needs therapy is broken, sick, or mentally ill.

Not only is this not true, but this notion could prevent many people from seeking help, some who greatly need it. Therapy is not just for people who are struggling in their lives. It’s also for people who are doing well and want to continue doing well.

When used appropriately, therapy is a useful tool that can help you in many areas of your life.

The truth is that everyone can benefit from therapy, even when there isn’t necessarily a detrimental problem you need to tackle.

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Handle Negative Emotions Better

Therapy doesn’t exist to completely erase your negative emotions. These emotions will always exist — it’s how you handle them that matters.

Problems happen in all of our lives. The severity of these problems ranges, but our response is often similar throughout these stressors. Handling problems and the set of negative emotions that goes with it can help you establish a healthier way of living.

Your emotions impact everything from your daily life to your physical health. They’re directly connected to your body’s physiological response. Handling these negative emotions in a way that allows you to feel less overwhelmed and more in control can help immensely in your own life.

Even if your problems aren’t huge or traumatic, everyone can use a little help when dealing with their stressors and the problems they cause. Therapy enables you to get feedback on your emotions from an outsider’s perspective and help you learn how you can better manage them.

Create Goals and Work Towards Them

How many times have you set goals for yourself only to fall short? Missing your goals can often create additional stress and anxiety.

Therapy can help you create realistic, concrete goals and achieve them. You don’t have to work towards your goals alone. Therapy can break down the barriers you feel are holding you back and help you overcome the challenges in the way of your dreams.

Being held accountable for your goals can be a big part of achieving them. In many ways, therapy exists to help you achieve your best self. It’s not like talking to a friend, who may or may not follow up with you when it comes to keeping you accountable.

Therapy is having the perspective and support of a professional with an unbiased opinion who gives you their full attention.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by getting to where you want to be in life. A therapist can help you break down your goals into manageable steps, and together, we can work to achieve them. People who go to therapy are often more successful and less stuck.

Build Strength and Resilience

Touching on our observation earlier that therapy is for the weak, let’s shatter that notion: Therapy is for people who are strong and want to be stronger.

Dealing with your problems when they are smaller — in other words, sooner rather than later — can help you build confidence and work towards a solution. Having the support to do that can help you build resistance to stress and negative emotions.

This is especially true if you’re going through big changes in your life, but this doesn’t have to be the case for therapy to help. Therapy brings peace of mind to many people who are working through daily hardships.

Therapy helps people feel less burdened by their problems and more equipped to deal with them. A good therapist can help you outline a strategy to move forward with your life and build strength to handle whatever comes your way.

Get Emotional Support

Believe it or not, one of the best times to start therapy isn’t when your life seems to be falling apart — it’s when things seem to be going great.

You don’t need to be stuck to get help. People don’t go to the doctor just because they’re sick. They go for preventative services to help maintain their health. The same is true for the dentist — even though your teeth aren’t falling out, you still go for cleanings.

So why wouldn’t you maintain your mental health the same way?

Talking with a professional can help you get through difficult life situations and make you stronger. It gives you more support to tackle life problems. Having the emotional nourishment you need to effectively handle anything that comes your way can help you better navigate life.

Begin Now

There are ways that everyone can benefit from therapy.

Therapy is for everyone who feels they need support, guidance, and an outsider’s perspective on how they could better handle their life problems.

It’s important to remember that therapy isn’t for a specific group of people. It’s for anyone who feels they need support to be their best selves. And let’s face it — we could all use a little support.

Consider finding an experienced, qualified therapist to help you on your life journey. You’ll be surprised just how much therapy can benefit you!

Nicole Saunders is a Clinical Social Worker in CHARLOTTE, NC.

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