Sexual Problems

A sexual problem, sometimes called a sexual dysfunction, is a problem during any phase of the sexual sexual act (such as desire, arousal or orgasm). Although many people experience trouble with sex at some point, it is a topic that many people are hesitant to discuss. There are a number of specific sexual disorders, including sexual desire disorders (low libido), sexual arousal disorders (inability to become aroused – erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness, for example), orgasm disorders (delay or non-appearance of orgasms) and sexual pain disorders (painful intercourse, most commonly affecting women). A sexual problem can occur suddenly or develop slowly, over an extended period of time. The reasons for sexual problems can widely vary but may include factors such as fluctuating hormones, aging, stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, diet, medications, illness or past sexual trauma. If you are dealing with sexual problems, a qualified professional therapist can help you identify the cause and help you develop ways to cope. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s sexual problems experts today.

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Many of us were raised to view sex as taboo; a topic that is not discussed openly. This attitude, in turn, has led to many people suffering in silence. Whether your concerns are related to sexual trauma, internalized ideas of what sex "should" be, or mismatches of libido in relationships, I feel that the first step is vocalizing your experience in a safe, non-judgmental space. I will honor your trust in me and provide support and tools to enhance your sexual expression.

— Jennifer Beltz (Catharsis Counseling LLC), Licensed Professional Counselor in Eugene, OR

Sex is often intimate and pleasurable. Other times its the unspoken wedge or continual source of frustration in a relationship. Whether this is an open comfortable topic or if you have never talked to someone about sex, I am a safe and confidential person to talk with. Perhaps your questioning your sexual identity, body image concerns, or what you find pleasurable as an individual. Are you and your partner questioning frequency, satisfaction, considering an open relationship, something else?

— Michelle Tribe, Mental Health Counselor

As a sex therapist, most of my professional work has been centered around helping folks navigate sexual issues. I use a sex-positive lens in working with sexual concerns.

— Taylor Kravitz, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Portland, OR

This is a broad category for a variety of psycho-sexual issues, but I have the most experience treating: Prpblematic Sexual Behaviors (PSB), Fetishes, Non-consenting behavior, Minor-attracted persons, and Sexual shame. Utilizing strength- and client-based therapies and providing my clients with a comfortable and private processing area has been how I've helped hundred of people the past 13+ years with their sexuality problems.

— Jessica VerBout, Marriage & Family Therapist in Minnetonka, MN

I have specialized training in sex therapy and have extensive experience with paraphilia-related disorders, sexual health concerns, desire discrepancy issues, erectile/ ejaculation issues and sexual pain.

— Alana Ogilvie, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Portland, OR

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Board Certified Clinical Sexologist, Certified Sex Therapist, and a doctoral student in Clinical Sexology. I am truly sex-positive, LGBTQ+ affirming, kink-friendly, and sex-worker allied.

— Jessica Singh, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Vero Beach, FL

I was certified in my training at UCLA to be a sex therapist. For over 30 years I have been helping people to liberate themselves and discover their sensual power.

— Dr Don Etkes, Sex Therapist in Claremont, CA

I am an AASECT Certified sex therapist and I help adult (and their partners) deal with issues such as sexual pain, desire discrepancy, erectile dysfunction, trauma related to sex, and dysphoria related to sex.

— Jodi Williams, Sex Therapist in New Haven, CT

I specialize in all things under the Sexual Health & Wellness umbrella. This includes everything from sexual trauma, relationships, identity, and everything in between. I have seen and heard it all so you can feel comfortable exploring these uncomfortable parts of yourself.

— Dolly Ferraiuolo, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in , FL

For many, there is a general discomfort with openly acknowledging our feelings on sex, sexuality and sexual desires, within ourselves, let alone our intimate partners. I provide a safe, judgement-free environment within which clients can be vulnerable and honest with themselves in effort to become more comfortable with their own sense of sex and sexuality in hopes of gaining more balance within their lives.

— Dylan Haas, Mental Health Counselor in Boise, ID

It's easy to understand why anyone would have sexual problems. No one teaches us how to be healthy sexual beings. We're taught all kinds of stuff that's wrong and we have to make up a lot of what we do by trial and error. It's a silly way to learn something so vital to our lives. I'm sure that whatever you struggle with is common. It won't surprise me. Come see me to find out what no one would teach you in a safe caring way.

— Eddie Reece, Licensed Professional Counselor in Alpharetta, GA

As a sex therapist, most of my professional work has been centered around helping folks navigate sexual issues. I use a sex-positive lens in working with sexual concerns. I will help you develop awareness of emotional and sociocultural factors that impact your sexuality, while also giving you practical tools that can create shifts in your sex life.

— Taylor Kravitz, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Portland, OR

Communication Performance anxiety Low libido Intimacy issues Desire discrepancy

— Malia Scott, Associate Professional Counselor in Lubbock, TX

I have advanced training in sex therapy and see individuals and couples for issues surrounding sex and intimacy, including desire discrepancy, painful sex, sexual trauma and shame. I have specialized training and experience in treating challenges caused by vaginismus and high tone pelvic floor.

— Katya Halligan, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Seattle, WA

Working on improving relationships without a background in sex would be difficult. Everyone deserves to have a healthy, happy sex life. I have advanced education in sexology and am currently under supervision to complete my AASECT certification. This means I can help couples or individuals with issues like mismatched desire, problems with orgasm, erectile dysfunction, and sexual pain.

— Dr. Jennifer Kendall, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Frisco,, TX

Exploring relational, psychological, emotional etiologies, as well as working integratively with medical professionals to determine biological factors, can help to identify and treat sexual problems. My knowledge and high-level of comfort while discussing sex- and sexuality-related issues can offer a healing experience when discomfort and shame have overshadowed acceptance.

— Tera Buerkle, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Lexington, KY

I am a Michigan Trained, Certified Sex Therapist. I believe that sex is a vital part of the human experience and I love working with folks to help them creatively solve their sexual challenges.

— Stefani Goerlich, Sex Therapist in Royal Oak, MI

I offer support and strategies to clients struggling with sexual challenges including desire discrepancy in relationships, male and female sexual dysfunction, low libido, reconnecting to your erotic self after sexual trauma or loss, and other sexual challenges that may arise during life’s journey.

— Jennifer Key, Licensed Professional Counselor in Littleton, CO