Energy Psychology

Energy psychology is a mind-body technique that combines exposure therapy with holistic techniques to spiritual healing. Energy psychology is deeply rooted in both western (exposure therapy) and eastern (holistic approaches) traditions. In exposure therapy, the client is exposed to a feared situation or object, or talks about a traumatic experience, in a safe environment. During this 'exposure,' a therapist will work to heal disturbances in the body's electrical fields, often via body tapping. Body tapping is a stimulation of pressure points, which helps the brain better regulate emotions during these disturbances. Think this approach might be right for you? Reach out to one of TherapyDen’ energy psychology specialists today.

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EP is a highly effective approach for anxiety, PTSD, cravings, trauma, weight loss, stress, improved sleep, self-esteem and stress management. "Tapping" on acupuncture points works with both the mind and body for variety of problems driven by negative affect and negatable beliefs. It is an active and focused approach and can offer rapid and lasting relief to many clients. It has been referred to as Meridian Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and Tapas Acupressure Therapy.

— Cathy Armstrong, Licensed Professional Counselor in Corpus Christi, TX

I am trained in the Emotional Freedom technique - or tapping - to help energy connected to memory and trapped in the body - move through specific meridian points for over all healing. As discussed in The Body Keeps Score, tapping is an effective technique to calm anxiety that results from trauma.

— Gin Eborn, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Washington, VA

I have been an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Master practitioner since 2010 and am also a Trainer for the Guild of Energists (GOE), the largest international EFT organization. As a GOE trainer, I offer a variety of classes which explore how energy moves through the body and how we can use it positively. I also use energy techniques with my counseling clients and have seen dramatic results.

— Diana Sturm, Counselor in Mobile, AL

To holistically clear trauma and difficult unprocessed emotions and experiences, I employ Energy Psychology as a therapeutic approach. Emotional and energetic clearing, healing, and balancing are possible when addressing the energy centers or chakras with bioenergetics therapy and transpersonal therapeutic processes. This integrative modality has helped a lot of my clients heal, move past blocks, and transform their lives.

— Lina Návar, Psychotherapist in Austin, TX

Energy psychology works with the the meridians, chakras, and biofield to create powerful change. More than 150 studies demonstrate the effectiveness of these techniques. I have received extensive training and comprehensive energy psychology and in EFT, one of its most widely-known modalities. I love to help clients get in touch with their own energy, and learn how to manage it.

— Sarah Murphy, Counselor in Bryn Mawr, PA

It would be difficult to study the integration of spirituality and psychology without understanding the importance of energy work. We have an electromagnetic field that surrounds our body and greatly affects our mental and physical wellbeing. I believe that a holistic approach to wellness necessitates an understanding of our energetic bodies and how we can work with them to facilitate our healing. I study the energy centers of the body, Reiki, somatic movement, Emotional Freedom Techniques, etc.

— Alexa Barnes, Psychologist

Unresolved pain creates energetic blocks in our physiology that manifest in a multitude of ways and make us sick - mentally, physically, and spiritually. I've learned to understand human behavior, biological functioning and spiritual health through extensive research on the mind-body connection (AKA energy). I pull from concepts in mind-body research and utilize both traditional and alternative approaches.

— Michelle Byrd, Counselor in Denver, CO

EFT (or “tapping”) is a highly focused energy psychology method that rapidly releases the emotional impact of stressful or traumatic life events from the body-mind system. As clients bring their attention to distressing memories and symptoms, practitioners walk them through a process of voicing specific statements while tapping on a series of acupuncture meridian points. This activation appears to reduce levels of stress while stimulating processing of previously stuck emotions & habit patterns.

— Dr. Jada Philips, PhD, Psychologist in Parsippany, NJ

Quantum physics demonstrates how energy is the common denominator of our physical existence. Learning how to master your energy system is key to feeling your best. We will rebalance and clear old patterns from your chakras, nadis, meridians, and auric field. Woo-woo to some, essential to those who choose to work with me.

— Lisa Love, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Serving all of Maine online, ME

Emotional Free Techniques, or tapping and general human energy systems

— Christina Spinler, Psychotherapist in Tulsa, OK

Emotional Free Techniques, or tapping and general human energy systems

— Christina Spinler, Psychotherapist in Tulsa, OK