Anger Management Therapy

In its simplest terms, anger management therapy helps a person decrease their anger. A therapist trained in anger management techniques can help you explore the roots of your anger, identify and overcome anger triggers and give you more control over your life. If anger or conflict with others are becoming unmanageable on your own, reach out to one of TherapyDen’s anger management therapy specialists to get help today. 

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I have spent years working with clients of ages on anger management to help them improve their functioning, relationships and wellbeing

— Benjamin Schafler, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Long Beach, NY

I am a fully trained Anger Management provider and have provided this method in both individual and group setting. I have been a provider for Anger Management for both Substance Abuse and individual clients. At its' core anger management focuses on providing control back to the individual to live a productive life and not on "counting to ten". Anger Management is a a treatment method that has the ability to change lives when completed.

— Chance Reynolds, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Anger Management Therapy can be very useful with those that struggle with anger on a regular basis. With this therapy I will help you learn to control your anger to keep it from controlling you. To start with we work on not immediately responding to the anger. Then we work on understanding what the anger is trying to tell us, and then using it in a beneficial way. You are not seen as a "bad" person because you lose your temper, I provide a safe environment to help you move forward.

— Katherine Boelts, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Mission Viejo, CA 92691, CA

The 1 emotion we’ve all experienced is “Anger”. Anger is a secondary emotion that is usually triggered by feelings of fear and anxiety. I can help you learn how to change your maladaptive thoughts, unpleasant emotions & unwanted behaviors that are linked to problems in life causing you distress and misery. Remember-Anger is only 1 letter away from Danger!

— Cassie Konnoly, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Lacey, WA

Anger management is a 12 week module that is offered weekly. After the client has completed twelve sessions the client will earn a certificate of completion. This Anger management module can be taught with six to eight clients or individually. Each session cost $25 or a flat rate of $250.

— Dr. Patricia Bell, Psychologist in orlando, FL

Taking a dispassionate approach to anger. Helping clients learn and practice socially acceptable ways to express their anger. Keeping anger bottled up is not healthy!

— Patrizia Lalonde, Counselor in Texarkana, TX

I am a Certified Anger Management Facilitator (est. 2012) and have experience facilitating court ordered anger management groups for adults and adolescents.

— Summer Vilkins, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in , CA

We will look at triggers and cues in order to gain more awareness of situations that lead to angry reactions. Various strategies to help counter the urge to act out will be utilize.

— Kevin Rose, Therapist in Plymouth, MI

Anger is a normal human emotion that warns us that something is being done to us that is threatening, unjust, or gets in the way of getting our needs met. Of course, we can become angry at ourselves for a variety of reasons. Anger by nature is not a “problem” nor does it always require “anger management.” Unfortunately, for many people, anger can become a problem that affects our mental and physical health, strains or damages relationships, hurts our ability to perform, and diminishes the way we see ourselves. I help people for whom anger has become a problem through developing behavioral and emotional self-awareness, understanding about triggers and underlying causes (including historical trauma), and effective coping skills (aka “tools”) that can help them manage their anger reactions in more constructive ways.

— Robert Nemerovski. Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist in Kentfield, CA

Providers are Level Two Anger Management Professionals certified by Century Anger Management. The Century Anger Management model is accepted and approved by the California State Board of Corrections. Virtual individual and group anger management courses are provided through Seaside Life Services. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your unique circumstances. Private sessions available. Group $50/Private $75 plus onetime fees: intake & assessment $175 and materials $40.

— Natalie Matsche, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Fairfield, CA

Being able to understand the underlying triggers for their anger response and implementing emotion regulation techniques has been an approach that I have successfully used over the last decade to assist my clients with anger management concerns. Allowing my clients to have a safe space to explore their anger triggers helps them to have better introspect to address underlying anger issues.

— Dr. Caren Cooper, Counselor

Anger is a natural emotions however the issue is what do you do when your are anger? Anger is connected to our core beliefs, and values.

— Jamayla Gray, Associate Professional Clinical Counselor

REBT to better learn how to stop and think and change how we do that to change our behavioral outcomes.

— Jamie Morris, Counselor

For many years I ran a female and male anger management group and continue to do groups that involve processing and psycho education around anger.

— Heather Bell, Clinical Social Worker in Clackamas, OR