Child Issues

Today’s children face a variety of unique issues. As children grow, they go through many mood and behavior changes. Although these changes can be difficult – both for the children and for the caregivers – they are usually normal, predictable and no cause for concern. However, when a child is having trouble at home, school or with friends, or is struggling to process a routine or traumatic event (for example the birth of a sibling, death of a loved one, bullying, or abuse), the help a professional may be needed. A mental health professional who specializes in child issues can be a great asset in helping a child (or their caregivers) navigate this distinctive time in their lives. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s experts today!

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Children's play therapy is a natural, self-guided, self-healing process. Using sand tray, art, games and other tools to guide and facilitate healing, I create a safe space for them to explore all aspects of their inner world.

— Nicola Gosen, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Bellingham, WA

Child/Play Therapy helps children to improve communication and interpersonal skills. It focuses on a child's interests and encourages interaction based on the child's favorite activities. Our professionals, collaborate to help children deal with emotional trauma, anxiety, grief, behavioral problems, neurological conditions and mental illness.

— Washington Psychological Wellness, Mental Health Practitioner in Gaithersburg, MD

I serve clients across the lifespan. However, I have significant experience working with minors ages 4 to 17 in private practice, community clinics, ADHD camps, and school settings. My approach is to "keep it real" with my tiny human clientele and integrate evidence-based interventions that fit THAT client with THEIR identities in their current life situation. I prioritize strength-based approaches and help reframe client behavior from "attention-seeking" to "connection-seeking."

— Casey Brasfield, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate in Winston Salem, NC

In my work with children, I create a playful, engaging space where kids feel safe to express themselves. Using age-appropriate modalities like art and play therapy, we'll explore their inner world through creativity and imagination. My specialty is supporting kids managing big emotions or undergoing life changes. I partner with parents, providing psychoeducation and coaching around neurodiversity, social-emotional needs, and gentle parenting.

— Bee Cook, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate in Seattle, WA

We treat and evaluate a large range of child issues including developmental disorders (Autism Spectrum Disorder), anxiety, video game addictions, ADHD, anger management/emotional regulation, parenting strategies, and depression.

— Quintessential Health, Clinical Psychologist in Warrington, PA

If being a parent is difficult, being a kid is near impossible today. I am passionate about working with children and adolescents in close collaboration with parents/care-givers to assist in a myriad of issues, including anxiety, depression, school avoidance, bullying, self-esteem, divorce, co-parenting, and trauma. I utilize a unique combination of interactive play therapy, relational therapy, and EMDR (if appropriate) in order to give your child the most effective therapy experience.

— Nicole Bermensolo, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Santa Monica, CA

Whether your child/teen is experiencing anxiety, disruptive behaviors, difficulties in school, or another concern, or you would like some new positive parenting strategies, I am here to support your family's growth. When working with children, I collaborate closely with their parents and caregivers in order to practice new skills outside of therapy.

— Annie Holleman, Psychologist in Asheville, NC

The children I work with struggle with a range of issues including tantrums, anger management, trauma, anxiety, depression, and emotion regulation. In therapy I focus on the child's strengths as well as their struggles. I use a child-directed play therapy model which teaches children emotion regulation tools through modeling. Parent involvement is vital to a child's success in therapy and I include parents in the therapy process through coaching and parent-child interaction therapy.

— Chana Halberg, Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate in Boulder, CO

Your kid is into art? Let's do all the art therapy activities. Got a kid who can't stop moving? We can walk and talk, play freeze dance, explore fidgets, and other ways to move their body. And while we do that thing that connects with your kid, we'll talk about feelings, learn about the brain, and work on whatever is causing struggles in your lives. I'll also talk to you as parents, while balancing privacy and trust for your kid. It's a collaboration, with the child as the priority.

— Lindsay Garrett, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Shenandoah, TX

I have been a family therapist for close to 40 years. Much of my work has been working with families around child and adolescent issues, as well as providing family therapy supervision , consultation, and training.I am a structural family therapist, and an approved supervisor by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy ( AAMFT). My work has covered the gamut of issues that bring children into therapy from behavior problems to suicidal ideation.

— Daniel Minuchin, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in ,

At Newport Academy, we believe that true transformation occurs as our teens learn to see themselves as beautiful, bright, and powerful people who can take control of their own lives. In order to help our patients achieve that goal, we maintain the highest possible standards for our services, and commission third-party evaluations of our programming. By consistently gathering and analyzing data related to our outcomes, we’re able to make more strategic and tailored decisions for our patients.

— Newport Academy, Mental Health Counselor in Atlanta, GA

Play therapy helps children by providing a safe and non-threatening environment for them to express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences safely. Through play, children can communicate and work through their emotions, develop problem-solving skills, improve self-esteem, and learn coping strategies. Play therapy allows children to process and make sense of their experiences in a developmentally appropriate way, which can lead to healing and positive behavioral changes.

— Karen Poynor, LPC, NCC, RPT, Licensed Professional Counselor in Tucker, GA

Parents often come to my practice wondering what they can do when their child is struggling in school or finding it hard to make friends. Children develop at very different rates and it isn’t always clear when getting in trouble is something to be concerned about or just kid stuff. I offer a comprehensive suite of services and will coordinate with teachers, related service providers, pediatricians, and, of course, parents to ensure that the work we do is generalizable and effective.

— Jordan Conrad, Clinical Social Worker in New York, NY

We absolutely love taking care of children & teens, and we have excellent outcomes. We are trained to bring therapy to the developmental level of your child, making it effective and resonant. We use Play Therapy, Art Therapy, Bibliotherapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-Focused CBT, & Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), to name few of the best treatments available for minors. We always include parents in the care, so you are always in the loop. Contact us today.

— Heather Hecht, Psychologist in Arlington, VA

We see children ages 5 and up. We also see adolescents and teenagers. Our therapists, Shelby Jo and Laura are experienced with children 5 + and have a unique ability to really build rapport with the children they work with. We have seen a lot of positive growth in our past younger clients. Sara also enjoys working with ages 11 + and she also takes Anthem and United Healthcare. We'd love to work closely with you to help your child grow and work through difficult issues that may be impacting them.

— Krista Caughey, Therapist in INDIANAPOLIS, IN

Growing up is hard and so is being a parent. I work to help families gain insight into problematic behavior to better understand their child and to strengthen their relationship. My goal is not just to alleviate immediate challenges but to equip kids with the tools they need to face future hurdles with confidence.

— Stacey Sampo, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Santa Monica, CA

When working with youth, I typically integrate Play Therapy, Strengths-Based, and Mindfulness techniques to establish a foundation for them to trust themselves and learn how to show themselves self-compassion. I love working with kiddos, preteens, and teens to help them through tough things in life and be more fully themselves.

— Eva Belzil, Marriage & Family Therapist in Fort Collins, CO