Coaching is the act of guiding a person to achieve a specific goal, either professional or personal. Although therapists and coaches have similar approaches, coaches are typically more direct and have more frequent contact with clients than therapists, and focus on the specific goal at hand, rather than seeking the root of an issue. If you have a specific goal you'd like a professional perspective on, coaching might be a good step. Contact one of TherapyDen’s coaching experts today!

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Most utilized model of counseling is coaching. Offering a client-directed approach to achieving goals. Focusing on change behavior, internal and external motivation, drive and ambition for improvements.

— Aleana Krupinsky, Clinical Social Worker in Morrisville, NC

Many adults struggle in their careers. Many of my clients have a unique way of operating in the world, I honor that uniqueness by allowing you to fully express who you are, and will encourage you to find and follow your true passion. I help my clients identify the type of work that leverages your strengths so you can get the most out of your career.

— Shari Grande, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Santa Clara, CA

I'm a certified Financial Coach who works with individuals and couples on budgeting, building healthier money management habits, tackling debt, negotiating raises/salaries, & overall how to become more confident & competent with their money.

— Q Boston, Licensed Professional Counselor in , MO

As a coach, I help you identify best practices you want to integrate into your life and then help troubleshoot practical barriers to doing it. I integrate previous business experience with psychotherapy principles to help you make progress. Coaching can be goal or job related and include things like career counseling, help with networking strategies and execution, and other practical topics. Or coaching can be focused on mental health issues like better managing ADHD, OCD, or anxiety.

— Katie Playfair, Licensed Professional Counselor in Vancouver, WA

You can learn more by going to I offer individual and group brief-treatment to help you slow down and understand yourself, your nervous system, and your body. Before I became a therapist, I was a coach. Using narrative therapy techniques, I work with clients struggling to navigate life transitions such as college, dating, relationships, parenting, family tension, job concerns, and caregiver stress. If you are handling ADHD, anxiety, divorce or loss, I can help.

— Rebecca Lavine, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Cambridge, MA

When desired by the client, I can be very solutions-focused and results oriented. I can help clients set clear goals, provide accountability for that progress, and work through the barriers that make concrete change so tough sometimes. I am strengths-based and empowering. Therapy with a coaching flavor can be absolutely transformative. Let's explore how you can go from "suck it up and deal" to "I love my life!"

— Desiree Howell, Psychologist in St. Petersburg, FL

In coaching the focus is on the 'here and now' rather than on the distant past or future. We work together to unlock a your potential and maximize your strengths.

— Jag Soni, Clinical Psychologist in ,

Life coaches are full of it. Why should you trust someone to coach you in life, when they couldn't even be bothered to be coached to a credential that mattered? And if you are gonna see a life coach, why not see a therapist that is also a life coach? People think they want a life coach, what they want is a therapist with a personality and I mean have you seen my profile? Have you seen the stuff I've said? No "How does that make you feel" here. Real solutions to Real problems in a fun format.

— Derrick Hoard, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in , WA

Intimacy Coaching is for individuals and couples who have or are currently doing the work in therapy but, they feel that they need something more to enhance and build upon the work that they either have done or are currently doing now. Intimacy coaching provides individuals and couples the space to continue to explore their sexual selves as well as to explore their partner’s sexual selves.

— Aydrelle Collins, Counselor in Dallas, TX

Coaching has been a part of my treatment intervention since 2014 after completing a 2 year formal program with the Anthropedia Foundation. During the program, I learned how to incorporate strategies that increased a sense of satisfaction and well-being into the therapeutic process. In addition to the formal training, I receive supervision and consultation as needed.

— Regina Whittington, Therapist in Clayton, MO

In February 2020 I became a Certified Professional Coach, CPC. I use coaching's solution-focused, strength-oriented framework to help my clients reach their goals.

— Jessi Frothingham, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Portland, OR

As a result of my advanced training as a life and business coach, I can my clients gain clarity in their purpose and vision, guide them through the decision making process, support them in removing blocks to progress in goals throughout all areas of their life, and assist them in overcoming imposter syndrome and other limiting beliefs. This will help them to set healthy boundaries, avoid or recover from burnout, improve their relationships, and achieve true work-life harmony.

— Jodie Solberg, Hypnotherapist in Lynnwood, WA

A life coach is a type of wellness professional who helps people make progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfillment. Life coaches aid their clients in improving their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives. ... In creating these strategies, life coaches target your unique skills and gifts.

— Courtney Cohen, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

While I am licensed as a psychotherapist and approach traditional therapy from a psychodynamic perspective, I now mostly work within a coaching/mentoring/consulting framework. I focus "above the wellness line" so that we approach your sessions in positivity rather than deficit. I am a certified life/wellness coach.

— DeeAnna Nagel, Psychotherapist