Sexual Misbehavior / Infidelity Absolute Expert James Foley (Infidelity Specialist)

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27 years sexual misbehavior experience Double University Certified in Sexual Misbehavior. 40,000 hrs of expert specialist treatment provided

Psychotherapist in Sacramento, CA
Supervised by $400 per session, Expert Psychotherapist, Telehealth only at this time

About My Clients

My clients seek highly skilled/ trained elite expert & willing to pay to get that. I help those with sexual misbehaviors change thinking, create better outcomes. 27 years of experience, training in this have me bring superior insights and skills that non specialists do not have, greater experience brings higher to help clients to create lasting change faster improvements towards self management, improved mood and reduced risk 718-208-6135 no emails please

My Background and Approach

I use my gifts given me by my creator, the over two decades of specialist learning and clinical knowledge given to me by my hardworking and trusting clients over past 27 years, and the expert training given to me by the best Universities, to result in being a highly skilled sexual misbehavior specialist clinician I now am, to use those superior abilities in stopping your sexual misbehavior, to help you preserve the life that you love from consequences created by those sexual misbehaviors. I am proud to be the kind, insightful, accepting, flexible and skilled therapist that I am today and I enjoy improving clients lives with specialist skills and knowledge that they would otherwise be unlikely to find. I am sad when many of my clients describe their previous therapists who were unhelpful to them as those clinicians only claimed to know these issues. Proud to help these persons with the specialist help. ONLY TELEHEALTH at this time. $500 per session-No Insurance 718-208-6135,no email

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I stand apart from other "experts" in sexual misbehavior, with 27 years experience entirely in sexual misbehavior. I don't do "sex therapy", I don't do "regular therapy", and I am not someone who sees an entire variety sexual related issues, while somehow portraying themselves as competent to treat sexual misbehavior. I only see sexual misbehavior cases. I would like to help you protect the life that you know and love by helping you not act out your sexual misbehaviors. I have over a quarter century & 40k hours of expert treatment for sexual misbehavior provided, I give you an evidence based, research oriented treating of “sex addiction”, Out of Control Sexual Behavior, App Hook-Ups, Strip Clubs, Massage Parlors, compulsivity, Professional Sexual Misconduct, serial affairs, Child porn, as a Certified sexual misbehavior professional. That is, I am a highly trained, non judgmental, clinician that will use my superior insights to help you improve faster.

Issues I Treat

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  • Experience: 28 years of practice
  • Rate: $400 - 400/session


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