Abuse can take many forms – it could be verbal, emotional or physical. Even after the abuse has ended, survivors are often left with intense negative feelings. But the good news is, you don’t have to figure it out on your own. If you or someone you know is suffering from abuse of any kind, contact one of our specialists today to get help.

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Youth, Young Adults and Adults Impacted by Complex Trauma (Witness to IPV, Sexual Abuse/Assault, Sex Trafficking History) Intimate Partner Violence Survivors (Adults and Teens)

— A New Creation Psychotherapy Services, LLC, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Fayetteville, GA

Too many people are dealing with the effects of abuse, either as a child , as an adult in romantic relationships, or both. I can help you heal from the trauma of abuse, and teach you coping strategies and how create healthy boundaries, so that you can stop the cycle of abuse moving forward.

— Jodie Solberg, Hypnotherapist in Lynnwood, WA

PTSD has multiple symptoms and it can feel overwhelming. If you have experienced a traumatic event, such as sexual assault, physical abuse, bullying, witnessing a family member or close friend experience a traumatic event, just to name a few, it's understandable if you are experiencing emotional distress. Healing is possible. You can start to experience understanding and control over your symptoms today.

— Julie Holburn, Counselor in Boulder, CO

I've worked in the field of abuse for over 26 years. I have seen first hand how complicated and intertwined abuse and failure in adulthood are. Thanks to neurobiology and psychology technique advancement you can unlock all of that history and put it to rest. Make it a memory instead of a problem you face every day and struggle to overcome. Learning to trust yourself and the world is possible. Don't let the past dictate your future. You can take control of it.

— Sonya DeWitt, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Spokane, WA

Childhood abuse is complex and challenging to heal from. It can leave you feeling low self worth, often thinking unkind and harsh things about yourself. It can leave you feeling unable to love and be loved, struggling to find healthy attachments, even as an adult. In therapy, I provide you with unconditional positive regard, with care and support, with a model of how a healthy relationship can be-- so you can experience the emotional repair you need to live your best life.

— Anna McDonald, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Francisco, CA

When the relationship with a caregiver represents trauma, lack of empathy and even cruelty, the implications last long past childhood. As an adult you may have dedicated yourself into work and/or your family in order to soothe that pain inside, yet something is still amiss. You struggle with self-worth and insecurity. In therapy, we can collaboratively work through that place of pain and loneliness towards a place of wholeness and connection. 

— Anny Papatheodorou, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Walnut Creek, CA

Whether by a parent, bully, or teacher, being mistreated may have made it difficult for you to trust others, feel safe in the world, or even believe that you are good enough. EMDR Therapy can help you to leave all of that behind so you can do what you want to do and be who you want to be.

— Bryan Gower, Licensed Professional Counselor

I have worked with clients in current and previously abusive relationships and feel strongly that you can heal from any trauma you have endured. I use an EMDR framework when treating clients who have survived abuse.

— Gabrielle Fischer, Social Worker

I worked with a non-profit agency serving survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse/assault for over three years before branching into private practice as a trauma specialist. In addition to helping clients, I've also served the community by offering training on the LGBTQIA2+ community and how they are uniquely impacted by abuse.

— Safrianna DeGroat, Counselor in Frederick, MD

Sexual, physical, emotional abuse, childhood abuse, PTSD

— Maria Grishkina, Licensed Professional Counselor Intern in Plantation, FL

many people have suffered from abuse and have ptsd. i will help free you from these obstacles and give you tools to achieve freedom from abuse, anxiety, depression and ptsd

— Mitchel Eisenstein, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in East Setauket, NY

I have many years working with people who have experienced abuse in all forms - sexual, physical, emotional, and mental.

— Savanna Martin, Licensed Professional Counselor

Childhood abuse is a silent epidemic that, no matter the type or severity of abuse, causes deep pain and far-reaching effects into adulthood. Perhaps you know how your life was affected but you feel stuck, or you are not sure of the effects but know that depression, anxiety, disconnection, or other symptoms linger in your life. As we engage your story together, I help you to untangle the puzzle, reclaim what was stolen, and re-author your future.

— Cresaya Kingsbury @ Wild Foxgloves Counseling, PLLC, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Vancouver, WA

Weather you have had a “Big T” trauma or several “Little t” trauma, I understand how trauma shapes our mindsets and therefore our lives. Whether it happened directly to you or to someone higher up on our family tree (intergeneration trauma), you might be struggling with just how deeply affected you are by the trauma you had, even if it was years ago. It can be overwhelming and I can help, you don't have to go it alone.

— Elisa Blair, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Diego, CA

It's important for me to know what my client means by "abuse". Abuse can be traumatic & it's equally important to understand what about the abuse may be traumatic for my client. From there we can work on resolving the abuse (trauma). This work may involve: decreasing the uncomfortable to distressing symptoms you're experiencing; increasing the ability to stay in your comfort zone (regulated) when "triggered"; helping your body process the experience (experience lives in the body) to resolve it.

— Brian La Roy Jones, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Walnut Creek, CA

Whether it was at the hands of a narcissistic parent or abusive partner, I specialize in helping clients overcome trauma resulting from interpersonal relationships. Using a combination of EMDR and talk therapy, we work together to calm that ever-present sense of uneasiness, regain a feeling of safety, and learn to trust in your own judgement. I am living proof that you can overcome abuse and trauma to live a rich and fulfilling life on your own terms.

— Nicole Bermensolo, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles, CA

Trauma takes multiple forms- systemic, emotional, physical, financial, etc. You are the judge of what has felt traumatic to you. I am a trauma-informed therapist. I work with clients on reauthoring painful experiences of their past and present in order to heal and move forward. I support client moving from being a victim to a thriving survivor.

— Jessica Butler, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate in Denver, CO