Women's Issues

The term “women’s issues” is broad and can refer to anything that might affect a women’s mental health. Some issues, such as post-partum depression, are specific to women, while others, such as anxiety, can affect both men and women. However, women may experience the issue differently. There are many types of issues that women can face today, and some of the most prominent concerns include sexual assault, woman-specific health problems, body image problems, self-esteem, sexuality, discrimination, sexism or stereotyping. Therapists specializing in women’s issues will provide a safe and supportive environment to help to empower their clients so they can find balance, improve their quality of life, and experience relief from emotional suffering. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s women’s issues experts today.

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I specialize in treating issues specific to women including: - Perfectionism - Balancing Multiple Roles - Infertility - Pregnancy Loss - Sexual Issues - Divorce/Separation - Aging/Medical Issues - "Empty Nest" Issues

— Kimberly Goodrich, Clinical Social Worker in Clinton, NJ

As a Feminist-Holistic counselor, I am uniquely qualified to help you understand your struggles as a woman within our current patriarchal society. I help ensure you find and use your voice. I can help you navigate life transitions unique to being a woman. I can help you leave behind the guilt, shame and co-dependent behaviors that society too often burdens women with. I can help you understand yourself, your life and your relationships as a woman. I will help ensure you grow and thrive!

— Julie Fischer, Licensed Professional Counselor in Appleton, WI

I feel passionate about providing women with support and care as they navigate various challenges in their lives. Throughout different life stages, women face endless obstacles specific to their gender. Between inequalities in the workplace, various societal expectations, objectification, high rates of sexual violence and rape, and beyond, it is crucial to attend to women’s issues. Being a woman myself, I am committed to supporting other women in their challenges and experiences.

— Lisa Piccininni, Student Therapist in New York City, NY

I recognize that women face societal pressures around physical appearance; life decisions such as career, family, etc.' and relationally with caretaking, people pleasing, and more. I utilize self-compassion as a tool to support women in feeling confident and assured in setting compassionate boundaries; communicating their needs clearly; and honoring themselves through self-care.

— Lindsey Cope, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Atlanta, GA

A large part of my professional experience is working with young women as they navigate the patriarchal society we live in and the resulting difficulties, trauma, and marginalization women experience (with intersectional identities resulting in additional marginalization). My experience here includes working with sexual trauma recovery, intimate partner violence, harassment, stalking, etc as well as issues related to fertility, parenthood, and coming of age concerns.

— Erin Shapiro, Licensed Professional Counselor in Dallas, TX

I work with a variety of issues to include self-worth, self-esteem, identity, hopelessness and helplessness.

— Jessica Fripp, Associate Professional Counselor

It is my life's mission to help women recover from the depression and anxiety caused by striving for perfectionism.

— Amanda Wetegrove-Romine, Psychologist in San Antonio, TX

I specialize in supporting women who want to address reproductive concerns such as infertility, fertility preservation, parenthood indecision, living childfree, reproductive trauma, and family building. Reproductive Counseling provides you with a space to build clarity about your reproductive future and navigate the complex, often overwhelming, emotions that have accompanied your reproductive experiences. I especially enjoy working on anxiety or indecision that impacts reproductive experiences.

— Jessica Byrd, Counselor in Tempe, AZ

I have worked extensively with women throughout my career.

— Crystal Nesfield, Counselor in Phoenix, AZ

Our mental health doesn't exist in a vacuum. As women, we face unique challenges at work and at home -- such as experiences of bias and discrimination, gendered role expectations in our families, or lack of professional support and mentorship -- that can profoundly impact our well-being. My practice supports women to address common concerns like work-life balance, boundary setting, or navigating male-dominated workplaces with confidence, self-compassion, & resilience.

— Maya Borgueta, Psychologist in San Francisco, CA

Therapy tailored to common concerns among women; providing a safe and understanding space to address life challenges, stressors, and questions around identity as a woman

— Kayla Nettleton, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in San Antonio, TX

Women experience a unique array of issues, including pregnancy-related anxiety, postpartum depression/anxiety, adjustment to life transitions, divorce, and career difficulties. Working with someone who understands your life experience can be comforting and transformative.

— Kristie Powell, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Seminole, FL

I work with women who struggle with feeling valued, seen or heard. I will help you develop confidence in your voice, your path and how you move forward in life. Together, we will build a partnership to explore with curiosity the ways in which you struggle and feel pain, and how you have learned to cope and adapt. Unlearning and processing what makes life hard for us can be a daunting task. Asking for help when you need it is a brave first step.

— Ashley MacLaren, Counselor in Seattle, WA

Women experience issues with infertility, feeling drained and unseen in the world and that is where I come in. Together we can work to take ownership of your place in the world. Each of us are valuable and we deserve to be seen and heard; we deserve to take up space. My hope is to help create that space for women where they can feel safe and beautiful.

— Michelle Bundrum, Clinical Social Worker

I specialize in working with women who are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety due to a recent life transition or traumatic event. When you enter into therapy you and I will spend time discussing your needs and we will work together to create goals that address your specific situation. This may mean learning skills to manage and decrease your depression or anxiety. This may mean learning skills to better manage stress. Sometimes this means working on your relationships and how you communicate with your partner.

— Gwendolyn Nelson-Terry, Marriage & Family Therapist in Berkeley, CA

I help women with issues specific to women. In February 2022 I will be completing training in perinatal mental health and provide therapy to women, who are struggling with their mental health due to pregnancy or birth of a child.

— Melissa Wetherington, Licensed Professional Counselor in Cherry Hill, NJ

While I enjoy working with all people, I specialize in working with women and issues faced by women. Women are twice as likely to be diagnosed with a mental health disorder, but treatment programs are so often geared towards the symptoms men experience, rather than what women experience. Let me help you navigate your mental health, life experiences, and life transitions in a way that is geared towards YOU, and not by society "standards."

— Kasey Wiggam, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Indianapolis, IN