Alcohol abuse or dependency (also known as alcoholism) are serious problems relating to the habitual misuse of alcohol – typically characterized by drinking too much, too often, with an inability to stop. If drinking is negatively effecting your life and relationships and you can’t seem to get it under control, you may be abusing alcohol. Other signs could include craving a drink, drinking to relax, lying about drinking, neglecting responsibilities because of drinking, hiding your drinking, and/or driving while drinking. But the good news is, you don’t have to figure it out on your own. If you or someone you know is suffering from alcohol abuse or dependency, contact one of our specialists today to get help.

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When it comes to working with different types of addictions some starting question are: 1. What is the person trying to escape? 2. Where is the emotional pain coming from? 3. What purpose does the addiction serve? 4. What was life like before the addiction? I help people emotionally navigate through these questions and arrive to their own inner-clarity and truth about themselves and the relationship they have with their substance/behavior addictions.

— Daniel Lavelle, Licensed Professional Counselor in McLean, VA

Alcohol and other drugs can be so insidious. The pervasive use in our culture makes it really difficult to know if you're just a "normal" person who has a bottle of wine every night or an alcoholic. Where does it cross the line? I have experience helping clients to find their personal line, and set boundaries with themselves. I will never tell you what to do, but I can help you to reduce the harm that substances are having on your life.

— Colleen Hennessy, Licensed Professional Counselor in , CA

I have 27 years' experience working in addictions.

— Patrick Varney, Drug & Alcohol Counselor in Phoenix, AZ

My background is in working in residential and outpatient treatment settings that help individuals and families recover from various addictions and associated difficulties, such as trauma, grief, codependency, and relationship problems. Seeing my clients recover and live their lives in a way that aligns with their own personal values is the greatest privilege of my career. If you are sober-curious or simply want to better understand or moderate your alcohol use- we can do that work together!

— Stephanie Baldwin, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Hillsborough, NC

I have many years of experience in supporting people in better understanding their relationship with alcohol, drugs, or other behaviors (such as spending money, sex, relationships, gambling, food) so that they can make the changes they want to live a fuller, healthier life. Whether you are considering reducing the amount that you drink, or you are seeking support to achieve and maintain a sober life, I can support you. I believe that there are many paths in recovery, it is all up to you.

— Lauren Hadley, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Campbell, CA

I have been actively involved in the addiction recovery community for over ten years and have a wealth of experience in all types of addiction. I fully support harm reduction measures, but I subscribe to the abstinence approach when dealing with addiction.

— CarrieAnn Lefsaker, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate in Raleigh, NC

I have 27 years' experience working in addictions.

— Patrick Varney, Drug & Alcohol Counselor in Phoenix, AZ

As an individual who has had several addictions and learned to overcome them, I feel I am qualified to treat such afflictions. Experience is certainly a good indicator for positive prognostic outcomes. No amount of training, education, or certifications is comparable to having had the affliction and overcome it. And as someone who lost a sibling to an overdose, this area of focus is particularly salient to me.

— Michael Serpico, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Hallandale Beach, FL

I offer a compassionate yet practical approach to reducing or eliminating your alcohol use. I believe alcohol is one of the most damaging drugs around & if you want to stop or reduce your intake, then you are one of the smart ones! It is crazy to me that oftentimes people are judged as "having a problem" or being "abnormal" if they don't drink. If you are ready to stop or reduce alcohol, you are in the right place and I look forward to helping you finally become free of the chains of alcohol.

— Krissy Moses, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Winter Park, FL

Do you find yourself drinking more than you would like to? Are you feeling ashamed about how much you drink or the way that you behave when you drink? Do you want to cut down, but have been unable to do so? Therapy can help, and EMDR Therapy can help you to get at the root of what is causing you to drink. EMDR is an evidenced-based treatment for trauma known for it's gentleness and effectiveness. Visit my website to learn more and set up a free 15 minute consultation.

— Jennifer Leupp, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Long Beach, CA

Many times addiction at its core, is a result of a behavior that is used to get relief, replacing a bad feeling with a good feeling, or numbing the bad feeling so that there is nothing to feel at all. Having specialized in this field for years, I understand what works and what doesn't. I will help get to the root cause and provide discovery to independence from the binds of addiction. If talk therapy or AA is not giving you sustained results, my work is for you.

— Jacqueline Connors, Marriage & Family Therapist in Napa, CA

Dealing with any addiction can be made easier with support. Whether you are looking to cut down or completely stop drinking or smoking marijuana, or whether you struggle with a substance or behavioral addiction, I am here to support you. Perhaps you have dealt with trauma or challenging life circumstances - either way, your addiction will make sense and we can work together to deal with the cause, making stopping or reducing much easier!

— Krissy Moses, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Winter Park, FL

Part of my work includes being a Care Manager at Exodus Recovery in Los Angeles. This includes working one-on-one with folks in recovery as well as facilitating groups.

— David Watson, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Burbank, CA

I have worked in the substance abuse field since 2007. I have worked with clients from acute inpatient treatment through sober living and aftercare

— Tricia Osterberger, Counselor in Weaverville, NC

I have been a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC1) since 2010 but have worked in the mental health field since 1996. Along the way I've gained a lot of experience working with folks with substance abuse issues. I also happen to be in recovery myself, so I have built-in empathy.

— Bruce Burleson, Addictions Counselor in Norwell, MA

I hold a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor license in the state of Hawaii; however, this license does not transfer to the state of WA. My previous work in community mental health involved running an IOP and Partial-Hospitalization program for those with co-occuring substance abuse/dependency and severe mental health disorders. I am familiar with working through all stages of change on the road to sobriety, including a harm-reduction approach, if necessary.

— Paula MacCormac, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Bellevue, WA

Have you been trying to cut back on drinking but keep finding yourself back in the same old pattern? Are you tired of feeling sick, out of control, and reliant on alcohol? You don't have to do this alone. By working one on one in therapy, we can identify ways that you can find relief and successfully reduce or abstain from drinking. Having a therapist that's experienced in alcohol abuse will support you in addressing underlying issues that have been keeping you stuck.

— Jennifer Leupp, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Long Beach, CA