Body Image Issues

Body image is how you see yourself when you picture yourself in your mind or when look in the mirror. Most people worry about how we look occasionally or see at least one aspect of our physical appearance we don’t like. But for some, these occasional thoughts can become frequent and disruptive. People with negative body image issues may avoid social situations and experience problems in relationships, depression, anger, anxiety, isolation, self-loathing and/or an obsession with weight loss. Body Dysmorphic Disorder (or BDD) is one example of a body-image disorder, characterized by persistent and intrusive preoccupations with an imagined or slight defect in one's appearance. The good news is that body image can be changed and BDD can be treated. Contact one of TherapyDen’s body image issues experts for help today!

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Rather than 'body image issues' I would relabel this as recovering from the anti-fatness and diet culture, as well as moving toward radical body acceptance and fat liberation. NOTE: It is beyond my experience and expertise to work with those who are experiencing significant disordered eating, body dysmorphia, recovering from eating disorders, and/or other forms of body/food/exercise-related symptoms.

— addyson tucker, Psychologist in Providence, RI

Cis-Hetero-Patriarchy and White Supremacy has filled us all up with harmful, restrictive, and value ridden attitudes towards bodies. No wonder we have complicated relationships with food, eating, and bodies. The dominant systems in place uphold diet culture and anti-fat bias in order to maintain power and control. By recognizing the origins of harmful practices in your life, you may begin the practice of unlearning and replacing these limiting and painful beliefs.

— Dina Bdaiwi, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Irvine, CA

I wrote a program called (every)Body Needs which draws on the research to shape a positive body image and help heal a negative body image. Body image has long been my work of passion and I love taking my messages out into the community and sharing them with clients in our personal sessions. The truth is: you are worthy of LOVING the body you're in - just as it is.

— Megan Agee, Psychologist in Charlotte, NC

Our society sends us many messages about what it is to be healthy and attractive. Learning to love and accept ourselves for who we are is not only a personal journey but one that often involves pushing against these messages of society. Being happy in our own bodies these days is no small task, I am there to help you voice and navigate your struggles with being happy in your own skin.

— Stephanie Boulton, Counselor in Boulder, CO

I have spend most of my time as a counselor focusing on helping clients with body image issues.

— Milena Trifunovich, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

I work with clients to develop a positive body image and form self-nurturing patterns regarding food, eating, movement, and sexuality. In my work, I encourage clients to challenge all forms of oppression. These include oppressions around race, gender, and sexuality as well as about the body.

— Kaye-Ailsa Rowan, Marriage & Family Therapist in San Jose, CA

I strongly believe that there is a body image crisis in our culture, manufactured by the media, beauty companies/advertisers, diet culture, and the patriarchy. I am a fat-positive therapist who has studied the work of Lindo Bacon (Health at Every Size, Body Respect) and is part of a community of therapists committed to body acceptance principles for clients of all body types. If you have struggled with feeling worthy in your body, I would be honored to walk the path to healing with you.

— Cristina Cousins, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in St. Louis, MO

I have a passion for helping people feel at home in their bodies. This world works actively against us in this goal and we will explore the systemic issues to create body image distress and learn tools to help recognize and explore this.

— Jasmine Stoker, Associate Professional Counselor in Tyler, TX

We live in a society that is SO hostile toward those who don't fit the traditional ideal of beauty, which, let's face it, is most of us! Scientific studies have proven time and again that one's health is NOT determined by one's weight, but you'd never know it given mainstream media and the medical establishment. I do NOT promote diets of any kind and work with clients to improve their relationship with food and their bodies using the principles of Health-At-Every-Size and Intuitive Eating.

— Jacqueline 'Jackie' Abeling, Marriage & Family Therapist in ,

Oof! Diet culture is a bully and a killer. Shame is a powerful tool of destruction and it has been wreaking havoc on us for generations. I aim to help people experience body peace and liberation.We do this by deconstructing what came before and asking whether its really serving us. In its place we can rebuild something that allows us more expansiveness to breathe, love, laugh joyfully, and experience all that life has to offer.

— Charmecia Morris, Licensed Professional Counselor in Austin, TX

Individuals experiencing eating disorders, disordered eating, body image concerns, body dysmorphia and more. I always utilize a Health at Every Size approach when it comes to these concerns. This work most frequently focuses on finding balance in eating, radical acceptance of body shape/size, and exploration of the root of this issue.

— Tabitha Brown, Clinical Social Worker in Vancouver, WA

As women, our bodies and the changes that our bodies experience are always up for discussion. From the fluctuating numbers on a scale to feeling like certain body parts are not "appealing enough", we can be left with feelings of shame, frustration and hopelessness towards ourselves. I provide a nonjudgemental space where together, we develop tools in support of building your body confidence and establishing more of a positive relationship with your body.

— Rebecca Brown, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in ,

We live in a society that is SO hostile toward those who don't fit the traditional ideal of beauty, which, let's face it, is most of us! I practice under the principles of Health-At-Every-Size and Intuitive Eating and strongly believe one's health is NOT determined by one's weight. I do NOT promote diets of any kind and work with clients to improve their relationship with food and their bodies as is.

— Jacqueline 'Jackie' Abeling, Marriage & Family Therapist in ,

I practice from a weight-neutral, anti-diet and anti-oppression lens and use Health at Every Size interventions as well. I am all about helping people of all body shapes and sizes be liberated from the harmful weight stigma and fatphobia in our culture, including places where it gets internalized and coping with and fighting against systemic oppression and discrimination. I can help you build a kind, respectful, and mostly peaceful relationship with your body.

— Linda Baggett, Psychologist in Manhattan Beach, CA

I have over 3yrs experience working with body image issues, eating disorders and lessened self-confidence. I have worked in all levels of care on these issues.

— Ariel Harris, Clinical Social Worker in Raleigh, NC

I realize how difficult it can be to accept your body, let alone like or love it in today's diet culture & appearance driven society. I also know a way out & are ready to help you get there. Let's stop the body shame, and improve your Body Image using tools including CBT, Self Compassion, Body Neutrality & Functionality, & Mindfulness.

— Audra Coons, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in St. Petersburg, FL

Shifting perceptions of self can be hard and often takes personal commitment, self-compassion, and the willingness to step outside of one's comfort zone. Utilizing a person-centered and holistic approach, I work with clients, meeting them where they are on their journey, to develop reasonable and achievable treatment goals.

— Erica Zapata Gonzalez, Clinical Psychologist in Modesto, CA

Body-oddy -oddy. Let's talk about your relationship with your body without shame. I want to help create a space for you to explore your body's needs and desires. Fat bodies are demonized, and individuals are made to feel that what they have to offer is directly tied to a number on the scale. But listen, there is pride at every size and there is Health at Every Size.

— Arianna Wheat, Creative Art Therapist in Los Angeles, CA