Gender Identity

Gender identity issues, sometimes called gender dysphoria or gender conflict, occur when an individual feels an inconsistency between their physical gender and the gender they truly feel or identify with. This most commonly exhibits itself as a physical discomfort with the gender one was assigned at birth, including the feeling of being in the wrong body. Children with gender dysphoria may express disgust of their own genitals or a certainty that they will grow up to be the opposite sex. Some individuals with gender identity issues treat this feeling by physically modifying their bodies to better match their gender identity. Gender dysphoria comes with it an increased risk for depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, and bullying. If you are experiencing gender identity issues, reach out to one of TherapyDen’s qualified professionals today.

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I am a trans-identified therapist who has extensive experience with trans-affirming practices and enjoys supporting people through exploration of their identity and living into gender euphoria, whatever that means for you.

— Luke Hirst, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Candidate in Durham, NC

Are you seeking a “letter” of assessment to access gender-affirming care per WPATH Standards of Care, or help from a therapist—of lived experience—who is well-versed in the nuances of health policy and has successfully helped clients navigate insurance coverage? One of my specialties is working with gender diverse individuals, particularly therapeutic support for gender transitions. WPATH Certifications: Child & Adolescent; Advanced Mental Health; Advanced Documentation; & Foundations

— Stacey Jackson-Roberts, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in , MD

I take an approach embracing a positive and wholehearted view of all gender and sexual identities and relationships. I treat all clients and their families with dignity, respect and the affirmation they deserve. Your sexual orientation and gender identity or expression may or may not be source of distress for you. You may find that having a qualified mental health professional who has familiarity, experience and desire to work with issues you face as a member of the LGBTQ community helpful to you achieving your desired outcomes. Having access to an unbiased and supportive resource can make a big difference on your journey to authentic living. For individuals within the LGBTQ community, I provide a safe, supportive and positive space to explore feelings and issues related to all stages and seasons of life including: Identity Development Stress Management Self–Esteem Concerns Coming Out Processes Interpersonal Relationships Coping with Perfectionism Social Concerns Gender Identity

— Allison Glorioso, Mental Health Counselor in Fort Myers, FL

More than ever, our culture finds itself confronted with the simple fact that many people’s lived experience, relationships, and sense of self do not match the restrictive gender and sexuality boxes we have required people to live in. Gender non-conforming people are refusing to accept these restrictions any longer. And yet, we have so much farther to go. Discrimination, inequality, microaggressions, and hate crimes still impact so many lives. The threats of violence faced by transgender women of color in particular are staggering and unacceptable. You need a therapist who is not only open and affirming, but well informed. I offer both individual and couples therapy for adults and can provide referrals for gender non-conforming clients needing medical services or changes to documentation. I'm also experienced helping partnered people who are coming out or transitioning work through the process in relationship therapy with partners.

— Kathryn Stinson, Counselor in St. Louis, MO

For several years I have been involved in the transgender community and helping families find resources for their transgender loved ones. Whether you are transgender, non-binary or questioning, I create a safe and informed space for you to navigate gender identity or non-related struggles. I also support family and friends of transgender people in navigating supporting loved ones in their own transitions.

— Stephanie Boulton, Counselor in Boulder, CO

Navigating the complexities of gender identity and sexual orientation can be a profound journey. I provide a safe, affirming space where you can explore your authentic self. I follow World Professional Association for Transgender Health 8 standards of care and can provide gender affirming letters for HRT, surgery, etc. I am passionate about trans rights and have many people in my life who are trans. You are safe with me.

— Caley Johnson, Associate Clinical Social Worker in Bellingham, WA

If you’re trans, queer, or still trying to find yourself, we can work together on your journey.

— Anna Abramyan, Clinical Social Worker in Olympia, WA

I frequently work with those who are working through their gender identity and practice gender affirmation therapy.

— Taryn Stilwell, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Cedar Park, TX

For over 10 years, we have worked diligently with clients exploring (and often struggling) with their gender identity. This is our primary specialty at The Mind Parlor; we strongly assert that the "T" in LGBTQ is it's own unique and individual part of the queer community. As such, we believe gender identity clients deserve dedicated specialists with experience and training specifically pertaining to these particular challenges. Well, in this area, we can confidently say "we've got you covered!"

— Brittany Stilwell, Licensed Professional Counselor in Dallas, TX

I have attended hundreds of hours of training relating to gender identity and transgender experience. I am a member of TPATH, WPATH, and USPATH, as well as an active supporter of the informed consent model of care. I am part of a monthly consultation group for gender specialists. I have spoken at both the local and national levels about gender identity.

— Abbie Aldridge, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Largo, FL

Being transgender and non-binary, I have a special place in my heart for working with others who are similarly struggling with shedding the gendered expectations and norms imposed on them to find their own unique gender identity and way of expressing it in the world. I am particularly interested in helping such individuals free themselves from the impacts of the traumas woven into this experience and relinquishing the hold of addictive or other behaviors that interfere with their true self.

— Mackenzie Steiner, Psychologist in Austin, TX

I help clients explore their gender and sexual identities. I work with folks who are navigating understanding themselves, expressing themselves to the outside world, coming out to others, transitioning, and de-transitioning too. I am comfortable supporting individuals who are on the spectrum of sexuality, including asexual, polyamorous, and kinky.

— Cat Salemi, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate in ,

Every person's gender identity and journey is uniquely complex and personal. I have spent over a decade studying gender theories and practices and helping people of all walks of life explore what gender means to them. I am a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health and follow their best practices.

— Jaxon Shaffer, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Beaverton, OR

I have a deep personal and professional understanding of many gender identities, gender dysphoria, topics related to transition, and a multitude of other gender related topics. I support teens and adults who are questioning, just beginning their gender exploration, transitioning, decades into transition, and everything in-between.

— Kaleb Catricala, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Clifton Park, NY

In addition to lived experience, I have completed a Masters level Clinical Internship at the Gender Identity Center in 2018. Since then I have been providing gender affirming mental health care in a variety of settings such as inpatient mental health for teens and adults as well as clinics that provide play therapy to children. Additionally, I provide education for behavioral health providers to bring cultural relevance into provider practice and to create affirming and inclusive environments.

— Tyler Woody, Licensed Professional Counselor in Fort Collins, CO

I have experience working with trans* and cisgender clients across the spectrum in working to understand and navigate transition, access gender-affirming healthcare, processing internalized beliefs and negative experiences related to their gender and/or sexual identity; as well as other mental health concerns or distress.

— Sarah Emeritz, Clinical Social Worker in Ann Arbor, MI

I use my lived and clinical experience to support others in their gender exploration and journey. If you or someone you know has been questioning gender, transitioning, coming out or facing heteronormativity, I am here to help. I began my clinical training at the former Gender Identity Center and have continued to learn and support others through my career. Wherever you are at on your gender journey to authenticity and beyond, I would be honored to support you or help you support another.

— Tyler Woody, Licensed Professional Counselor in Fort Collins, CO

“Being trans means I made myself and the world didn’t make me. I defy some of the most powerful cultural institutions in the world.” I partner with folks in understanding, accepting, expressing, and asserting their gender. I see gender as an infinite spectrum, and gender alignment/transition as a nonlinear process unique to each person.

— Aerin Riegelsberger, Associate Clinical Social Worker in Oakland, CA

As part of my specialization in LGBTQ+ folks I've worked with many folks of diverse genders. I'm experienced working with folks questioning their gender, exploring medical transition, and folks just living their lives as trans folks. I have particular experience with teens and young adults with diverse genders.

— Meg Higgins, Clinical Social Worker in ,