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Sand tray therapy is a therapeutic modality that utilizes a tray filled with sand and a collection of miniature objects to create a visual representation of an individual's inner world. This powerful and non-verbal approach allows clients to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a safe and symbolic way. It allows for a more experimental and symbolic form of communication offering a different perspective and facilitating self-discovery.

— Grace Shivka, Licensed Professional Counselor in Phoenix, AZ

Sand tray therapy allows individuals to build their world using miniatures and sand. This experiential technique is helpful for all ages to visualize aspects of their current situation they may not have considered otherwise.

— Morgan Ticum, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Overland Park, KS

I took a full course on sandtray therapy in graduate school and have taken multiple advanced trainings throughout my career to learn the most appropriate ways to include this modality to my clients of all ages.

— Lacey Castilleja Fisher, Licensed Professional Counselor in Austin, TX

One of my favorite therapies! Utilizing a sand tray and "miniatures" (small toys that represent a series of emotions, ideas, and life), we

— Sara Beth Geoghegan, Counselor in Franklin, TN

I have a proper Sandtray therapy setup in my office, with a wide array of symbols for you to select from in communing with your intuitive and unconscious parts. Through the power of Sandtray, many insights and deep understandings can be brought to light. I have the training to facilitate your journey into the unconscious and hold safe space to help you gaze into your own inner-world.

— Nathan Heydari, Counselor in Milwaukie, OR

I have developed expertise in sandtray therapy through training, practical experience, and a deep commitment to providing holistic and effective therapeutic interventions. My expertise in sandtray therapy is from years of successfully incorporating this modality into my counseling practice. I have witnessed the transformative power of sandtray therapy in facilitating self-expression, uncovering subconscious emotions, and promoting healing in individuals facing an array of challenges.

— Maegon Crader, Licensed Professional Counselor in Exton, PA

Sand Tray Therapy is a modality that uses sand and miniature figures or objects to create scenes, symbols and narratives to help represent the client's inner world, emotions, experiences and relationships. This non-verbal approach helps clients process experiences or painful memories that are too difficult to talk about. Integrating mind and body, this tool is a sensory experience that can enhance self-regulation where clients can feel at ease exploring narratives and externalize feelings.

— Erin McCall, Licensed Professional Counselor in Portland, OR

I am a registered play therapist . I utilize the sand tray to help externalize session content giving it more depth. I integrate the Gottman interventions with the sand tray.

— Kimberlee Daughtry-Lopez, Licensed Professional Counselor in Shavano Park, TX

Trained in trauma-sensitive expressive play sandtray therapy, grief/loss sandtray therapy and grounding/containment

— Laura Rushing, Clinical Social Worker in Austin, TX

I use sand tray for in-person sessions. This is very effective in activating your right brain and deeper emotions and awakening your unconscious mind.

— Bitna Lee, Clinical Social Worker in Austin, TX