The term self-esteem refers to our overall subjective emotional evaluation of our own worth – in other words, it’s your attitude towards yourself. Self-esteem begins to take shape in childhood and can be influenced by many factors, including early experiences at home or school, familial relationships, the media, your age and role in society and how people react to you. It is totally normal for your self-esteem to fluctuate – for example feeling down about yourself once in awhile. However, most individuals develop a baseline self-esteem that remains fairly constant over the course of their lifetimes. If you are struggling with low self-esteem, you likely spend significant time criticizing yourself and you may experience frequent feelings of shame and self-doubt. The good news is that, with work, you can change your baseline self-esteem. Therapy for self-esteem issues can help you work toward feeling confident, valuable, and worthy of respect. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s self-esteem experts today.

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You put other people’s needs ahead of your own and find yourself always trying to please others. Maybe something big has happened recently that has you questioning if you can handle the change. Perhaps you doubt yourself or don’t trust yourself to make decisions. You notice how low self-esteem impacts every aspect of your life and you're tired of letting your inner critic limit you from living your best life. I'll help you build your relationship with yourself and experience greater confidence.

— Charlotte Pennington, Psychologist in Lakeway, TX

We will explore and understand your current narrative so that we can focus on providing kindness and compassion towards your inner critic. You will learn to create a practice that is rooted in curiosity and openness so that you can generate acceptance in yourself; just as you are. I will also help you improve any body mage concerns and say good bye to diet culture for good.

— Rachel Brandwene, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

One of the most fulfilling aspects of helping people in my practice is restoring a positive self image, self worth, and discovering inherent strengths. I like to use cognitive restructuring but also mindfulness visualization to build up an ideal version of oneself.

— Michael Nolan, Therapist in New York, NY

Our self-esteem is how we value & perceive ourselves. Low self-esteem affects our decision-making, what we tolerate and accept from others and our willingness to pursue opportunities.

— Lynette Cisneros, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Raleigh, NC

I have worked with many women and men who initially seek out counseling for anxiety, depression, relationship problems, and work issues--and often underlying these problems is a lack of trust in themselves, lots of negative self-talk, and unfinished healing from past family and relationship events. My hope is to create a safe environment to better understand what is happening and to then collaborate in implementing skills that will foster self-confidence, and self acceptance.

— Amanda Rebel, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Wheat Ridge, CO

I believe that people with esteem issues struggle in their relationships and work. Let's explore your thinking regarding how you view yourself and get you on a more empowered pathway toward greater success in your relationships and work life!

— Stefan Dombrowski, Psychologist in Mt. Laurel, NJ

Together, we will explore the ways you have handled your circumstance in the past, expand on more profound experiences, and work to transform your relationship with yourself to reach your goals. Expect to connect to your past and uncover a deeper understanding of how this is affecting you now. We will put together the puzzle pieces of life to help you find deeper meaning, reconstruct patterns of communicating and relating with others, and transform your coping so you can handle almost anything.

— Vicki Madden, Marriage and Family Therapist Associate in Denver, CO

I have firsthand experience on the difficulties of low self esteem and have developed a tool kit of activities and tricks that can help you reconnect with self love and self compassion when speaking positively about yourself feels foreign and sometimes even impossible.

— Cassie Rovig, Associate Clinical Social Worker in Sacramento, CA

We are not broken, needing to be fix. We are wounded, needing to be healed.

— Dr. Isabell Springer, Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles, CA

To improve self-esteem, I will help you learn how to trust your gut and really pay attention to what is happening inside of you. Our intuition is often referred to as our “inner voice” most commonly known as a gut feeling. Body Psychotherapy & Embodied Spirituality utilize the body as a compass along with visualization and mindfulness, to create healthy boundaries in your relationships, so that you have space to manifest how you want to be in the world, and heal negative thinking patterns.

— Lina Návar, Licensed Professional Counselor in Austin, TX

Internalized voices from our pasts and oppressive societal messages can undermine our healthy sense of self-esteem. In therapy, we can work to identify these patterns, and help free you from them.

— Emily Rosen, Psychotherapist in Glendale, CA

Negative emotions are a natural part of our emotional repertoire as they are a component of our threat-protection system so we need to learn how to accept, tolerate and cope with them. How you interpret your own beliefs, thoughts and feelings as well as others’ and how you cope with them can have a significant impact on your self-esteem. Making yourself and your emotional health a priority while investing in growth and recovery will lead to increased self-worth, self-esteem and confidence.

— Vanja Buckley, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Seattle, WA

Together we'll work on you realizing that people admire you because you are an AMAZING individual! You have many admirable qualities and everyone around you notices that. We just have to work together to remind you of how great you are! You'll realize that you’re not an imposter. You worked hard to get to where you’re at. You’ve earned all the good things that life has presented you with by showcasing the knowledge and capabilities you posses. In therapy, you’ll realize that you are worthy!

— Darryon Spencer, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

For many of us we are raised to prioritize others ahead of ourselves. For much of our lives this feels normal and natural until the day where we realize we are not having our needs met. For many I work with this ties in with an element of codependency and feeling that our worth is tied to what we do for others. It means we are incapable of valuing ourselves and that even what we see in the mirror or when we self reflect, is less than the reality everyone else sees.

— David Cogdell, Licensed Professional Counselor

I have a passion for empowering my clients to set boundaries, free themselves from shame & guilt, acknowledge their worth, embrace their most authentic self, and give themselves permission to rest and play.

— Anja Patten, Associate Clinical Social Worker in Seattle, WA

A lack of self-esteem can feel so challenging to overcome and many of the clients I have worked with have struggled on their own or in past therapy experiences to improve upon it. I have many tools and frameworks that I have used in therapy with many people to work on issues with self-esteem. It is one of my favorite things to help people improve.

— Erin Davis, Licensed Clinical Social Worker