Sexual Abuse or Assault

Sexual abuse is a term uses to describe any type of non-consensual sexual violence, including sexual assault or rape, child sexual abuse, and intimate partner sexual violence. Sexual violence can have lasting psychological, emotional, and physical effects on a survivor. Survivors will commonly feel a range of emotions, including shame, fear and guilt and may develop symptoms of depression, PTSD, addiction or anxiety. If you have experienced sexual abuse or assault of any kind, there is help available. You do not have to handle your issues alone. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s experts specializing in addressing the trauma of sexual abuse or assault.

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Many, both men and women, have been the victims of sexual, as well as emotional and physical abuse. It can change our views of sex, our self-worth, our relationships, and even view of God, sometimes in unusual and unrealized ways. Many learn to avoid sex or seek it out in harmful ways. No need for shame though. You are safe here to express your deep thoughts that we don't share we anyone and even try to keep from God. You are indeed a victim, but I do not want anyone to stay a victim.

— Monte Miller, Psychologist in Austin, TX

Many of my clients have experienced something scary or that just didn't quite feel right with another person. Some may hesitate to call it sexual assault or abuse and that's ok. What's important is that if you aren't feeling like yourself after something like this happens, I can help you get back to feeling like YOU again.

— Rachel Stanton, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Boston, MA

I am trained in several trauma-informed strategies. I currently hold certification in Complex PTSD and Trauma (CCPT) Levels I and II, which incorporates EMDR, Parts Work (IFS), CPT, and Polyvagal Theory. I am well-versed in Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT), DBT, CBT, Family Systems, and the impact of trauma on the brain.

— Relationship & Trauma Therapist Sarah Nunes, Social Worker in New York, NY

I specifically work with survivors of sexual trauma. As a survivor myself, I intimately know and understand the challenging process of recovery. I hold safe and validating space for survivors, and offer feminist justice-based interventions to repair trauma, rebuild a life worth living, and reconnect to community.

— Kelsey Harper, Clinical Psychologist in Santa Monica, CA

I have worked extensively with people who have experienced sexual abuse or assault. I utilize DBT skills training, EMDR and Somatic Experiencing in order to assist people with healing through these past experiences.

— Crystal Nesfield, Counselor in Phoenix, AZ

I am a sexual abuse survivor. I have advanced training in trauma therapy with a primary focus on treating PTSD. I have compassion for all sexual abuse survivors.

— Erika Laurentz, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Olympia, WA

We appreciate how challenging, complicated, and vulnerable working with those who've been abused (sexually, physically, verbally, mentally). Every single clinician in our practice has specialized training in working through trauma and abuse and paces it in a way that fosters safety, compassion, awareness, and sensitivity. We offer many ways to process trauma like EMDR, Trainspotting, Somatic Work, Parts Work, and more.

— SoCal Individual, Family, & Trauma Therapy, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Irvine, CA

Sexual trauma can really shake us to our core. Living in a sexist world after a trauma can be overwhelming as a woman. Toxic masculinity is prevalent in both work and home life – creating complex triggers in unlikely places. As our awareness of these intersections between trauma and sexism increase, we may feel up in arms, ready to start a revolution! But we need to take exquisite care of ourselves first or else we are left feeling overwhelmed, drained and hopeless. After a sexual trauma we often wonder – can we ever feel beautiful, sexual, and/or feminine again and still feel safe? Can we trust others – or even ourselves – again? The answer is a resounding yes. Through a multi-modal approach that infuses relational, experiential and body-oriented approaches I help clients overcome trauma, create healthy boundaries, increase resilience, reclaim their sense of self and create the lives they wish to lead.

— Natalia Amari, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Austin, TX

I work with all trauma and am currently a certified Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and Certified Individual Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. I am also trained in Brainspotting and believe this to be a powerful tool when processing trauma. We will take our time to process the trauma and my goal is to provide safe space where you feel free to explore how trauma is impacting your life.

— Ashlei Lien, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in , CA

After surviving sexual assault, you may feel numb and disconnected from the world or you might feel overwhelmed by emotion. I use EMDR (rapid eye movement) therapy and other techniques to help you reprocess traumatic memories to reduce debilitating trauma symptoms like “flashbacks,” panic attacks, and feeling on edge. When you no longer have that gut-wrenching feeling of fear when you’re reminded of your trauma, you’re able to make clearer decisions, feel calmer, and connect with others safely.

— Alicia Dlugos, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Philadelphia, PA

As a survivor myself, I understand the painful road to healing sexual violence causes. In order to approach healing, clients must go at their own pace in a safe environment where they feel the freedom to do so. This is what I work hard to provide by applying my knowledge on trauma in the body, the depression and major anxiety sexual violence can cause, and how to begin to rebuild ourselves through processing and skill-building together.

— Cheyenne Bellarosa, Counselor in Aurora, CO

Expert evidence based research oriented treating of “Sex Addiction”, Serial Affairs-Infidelity-Cheating, Child Porn, Prostitution use, Cam Girls, Hook-Up Apps, Strip Clubs, Massage Parlors, Compulsivity, Professional Sexual Misconduct, Sex Offenses, as a Certified sexual misbehavior professional, and I want to help you correct your thinking and behaviors.

— Sex Addiction, Sexual Misbehavior, Infidelity Expert James Foley, Psychotherapist in Los Angeles, CA

I've worked with victims of childhood sexual abuse and helped them through the trauma and shame that effects their lives for so long after the abuse is gone. I create a safe space and use trauma informed as well as strength based methods to gently work through the issues.

— Tracy Sondern, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles, CA

With over a quarter century & 40k hours of expert treatment for all types of sexual misbehaviors provided, I give you an evidence based, research oriented treating of “sex addiction”, Out of Control Sexual Behavior, App Hook-Ups, Strip Clubs, Massage Parlors, compulsivity, Professional Sexual Misconduct, serial affairs, as a Certified sexual misbehavior professional. James Foley LCSW 60 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10165 718-208-6135

— "Sex Addiction", Sexual Misbehavior Absolute Expert James Foley, Psychotherapist in New York, New York, NY

Many cultures have a tendency to push issues of sexual abuse under the rug, which only adds to the pain that assault already causes. Subduing or quieting yourself in regards to what you've experienced allows shame, anger, sadness, and feelings of rejection to compound. I strive to give survivors space to vocalize what they've gone through, what they needed then, what they need now, while guiding them through giving themselves compassion, for something that the world too easily shuns.

— Hannah Schollhammer, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles, CA

#metoo. I believe you. I'm here to offer you a safe space to cry, grieve, scream, question, rage, mourn, and go through all the waves of emotions that arise after a sexual assault. If you’ve been feeling alone in life lately, feeling like no one truly understands the depths of the pain you are in, or feeling like you’ve lost parts of yourself and the person you used to be, let's get in touch. I am here to listen, hold empathetic space, and we will take the therapy journey at your own pace.

— Janelle Stepper, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Roseville, CA