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Self-love is a gift! My goal is to help you to cherish yourself and your body no matter what your size or shape is.

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About My Clients

Do you feel guilty over what you eat? Do you compensate by exercise, restriction or purging? Do you like the person you see in the mirror? Together we will explore your need to focus on food choices, calories, exercise and weight. Many things contribute to your emotional struggle that have nothing to do with food or how you look in the mirror. I will help you to discover the root of your anxiety and pain so that you can learn to love and accept yourself as worthwhile and perfectly imperfect.

My Background and Approach

You need tools and, having worked with eating disordered and body dysmorphic individuals for over 25 years, I have dozens of them. My goal is for you to discover how your preoccupation with food and your body is serving as a coping mechanism for other things. You will discover how your unique personality and genetics have made you vulnerable to suffering with self-image. You will learn tools to address your struggles directly instead of attempting to control appearances and food. You will discover situations that trigger restriction, binges, distorted self-image and self-hatred. You will learn to view food a fuel and medicine necessary to nourish and heal your body. You will discover the difference between emotional and physical hunger. You will learn to honor your body for the amazing things it allows you to do and experience. I will empower you to try new behaviors and to challenge unhealthy thoughts.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I have walked in your shoes. I know how it feels to be terrified of weight gain and obsessed with calories. I have felt the pain of anxiety that interferes with sleep and peace of mind. I know what it feels like to feel "not good enough" and afraid of not being "perfect". I also know what it feels like to feel capable, lovable and comfortable in my own skin. Recovery can happen! I watch individuals, just like you, fall in love with themselves every day! I believe therapy can be hard work but also fun and exciting! Together we will learn, cry and laugh. We might even eat something forbidden or smash your scale! I will help you find your voice and your passions. (I love to line dance, hike, paint and re-furbish furniture.) It is my goal to be an educator, a support, a role model and an inspiration to my clients. I am kind, patient and dedicated to helping others. I hope to help you believe in yourself and the resources within you. Please call. I'm here to help!

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