Men's Issues

Studies have shown that women are much more likely than men to seek therapy. However, just like women, men can benefit from having a confidential, private space to explore any issues that might be coming up for them. The term “men’s issues” can refer to any number of concerns men might face, including anger management, addiction, intimacy issues, domestic violence, mid-life crises, grief or loss – in addition to mental health issues like anxiety or depression. If you have found yourself experiencing any of these issues (or others), reach out to one of TherapyDen’s men’s issues specialists today.

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I specialize in helping men work through issues around shame, vulnerability, sexuality, communication, competence, and finding a sense of purpose and meaning in life. I bring a long background leading men's circles, retreats, and rites of passage for both adolescent and adult males. To be a male-identified person brings with it a unique set of roles and expectations which are often internalized. I will support you to get to know yourself and make new, more satisfying choices.

— Lucius Wheeler, Licensed Professional Counselor in Ashland, OR

I paid attention to things that occur on the macro level of our society, and realized the unfortunate fact that masculinity is misunderstood. I am suited to address issues and obstacles that uniquely effect men, that may not be easily understood by people on the outside looking in.

— Kelvin Brown, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I utilize existential, narrative, and humanistic methods to start and build a dialogue alongside the men with whom I work. Men have to manage unique sociocultural stressors throughout their lives, including the balance between work and home life, raising children, responding to our own fathers being absent or ambivalent during our childhoods, and retirement. I believe that masculinity has an important place in the world and I thoroughly enjoy promoting a modern perspective.

— Brett Hammond, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Louisville, KY

Men's issues are often overlooked. Many of us have been taught that we are stronger or more respected if we bury what we feel. You're here because you're honest--that approach hasn't worked and you're ready for something new. Whether its relationships, loneliness, stress, sex, anxiety, depression or trauma--Together we will work through the experiences and mental processes that have been keeping you stuck so you can be all that you know you're capable of.

— Christian Holmes, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Pasadena, CA

Too masculine, not masculine enough? Too in touch with emotions, not in touch enough? For so many of us men, we don't fit into any one box. Yet, we might have been raised or currently living among people who don't get us. This can lead us to question if we are 'good enough' or 'doing it right.' Learn how to be comfortable in whatever way you choose to express who you are. Let me help you release old fears, old patterns and live authentically, now and everyday.

— Cole Huggins, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Atlanta, GA

My practice focuses on providing psychotherapy to Gay Men seeking a new path through skill development. Our society shames men who show emotion. Let me tell you, there is no shame in getting help or being vulnerable. There is strength in seeking guidance when we feel lost. I believe we have the skills needed to own our life but sometimes we get lost and need a guide. To learn more, Let’s Talk.

— Raymond Castilleja Jr., Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Body image issues in men just aren't talked about, are they? I want to help to change that. Our appearances are tied to our masculinity, which then brings up all kinds of issues about the toxic masculinity messages we were raised in. Maybe we even participated in that kind of regressive thinking when we were younger, and are trying to reconcile that with who we want to be now. While this is a binary description, I do this sort of work with all genders and sexual orientations.

— Brian Jones, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Seattle, WA

In this world of changing gender roles it helps to think directly about what it means to be a man. The toxic masculinity we have been shown is no longer meeting our needs for meaning, love, or even empowerment. It can be liberating to ask, "What is sacred masculinity?" If we can have compassion and curiosity for the parts of us that took on toxic masculine attitudes, we can also learn to live in ways that honor both the sacred masculine and the feminine aspects of our being.

— Carlyle Stewart, Counselor in Asheville, NC

Seeking help is sign of strength. Men have been sold a lie that they need to be stoic and suffer in silence. The truth is that men are at their best when they can share their honest feelings with others. Then the facade of perfection falls away and men can offer their true potential to their friends, family and the world.

— Michael Ceely, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Berkeley, CA

Expressing tenderness and being emotionally open are important to nurturing healthy relationships with those around you, yet few men feel comfortable doing this. Often, anxiety, depression, anger, impatience, lack of confidence, and life and work stress get in the way. I help and support men in stepping over these hurdles and improving their relationships.

— Ania Scanlan, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Shoreview, MN

Men are also oppressed by toxic masculinity. I like to help men to understand the challenges that the face around emotional understanding and expression.

— Eliot Altschul, Psychologist in Arcata, CA

I work with men around issues of sexual identity, challenges with out of control sexual behaviors and sex addiction, libido and performance anxiety issues, and navigating sexual issues in relationships.

— Greg Bodin, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Francisco, CA

While "men's issues" are certainly not limited to a gender, boys and men are often deprived of a space to show vulnerability and not given the tools needed to authentically communicate emotions. This suppression can create feelings of insecurity, anger, irritability, infidelity, increased substance use, and high-risk behavior.

— Jacob Mergendoller, Licensed Master of Social Work in New York, NY

Men come to see me for many reasons. Sometimes my male clients are seeking support or guidance around a transition or life event and find that they're not sure who they can trust with their innermost thoughts. Sometimes it's that they have reached the goals they set out to reach but don't feel satisfied. Other times, men come to see me when a relationship with a loved one is feeling challenging. I will listen without judgment, explore with you, and offer my authentic reflections.

— Gemma Collins, Clinical Social Worker in Seattle, WA

Why does rest feel shameful at times? You know what it feels to be consumed with the pressure to make the right choices. You’re a busy guy, and you want to perform well at work and truly look after the people you care about. You want to slow down, and often wonder how other people do all of this. You could use some help in managing these burdensome emotions getting in your way. Together, we can stand at a safe position while we pinpoint and address what’s holding you back from your desired life.

— Gavin Cross, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Pasadena, CA

Being Man myself, I understand what men pass struggle with. Being a counselor, I work with men who struggle with emotional expression, relationship challenges, stress and anxiety, depression, grief and loss, anger management, self-esteem and body image, addiction and substance abuse, work-life balance, trauma and PTSD and Sexual Health and Intimacy.

— Marwan El Khoury, Counselor in Newton, MA

I love working with adolescent males and men who are trying to evolve beyond the cultural script of masculinity that hinders authentic and meaningful living. These scripts often dictate how males think about themselves and determine their worth. Too often males are working to hide their emotions rather then experience all life has to offer. Finally, these scripts really mess up our relationships when we are unable to deeply connect to friends and spouses/partners.

— Josh Gunn, Psychologist in Marietta, GA

As men, we know that life can be hard! Frequently, we are depleted of hope and then filled with regrets. Disappointments and self-doubt plague our thoughts and control our behaviors. We are dazed by people, places, things, and situations we cannot control or change. We also suffer sorrow, injury, and fear, along with being exposed to infidelity, suspicion, and ruminations. Yet, we are not allowed to speak of it because we are "men." I help men get in touch with who they want to be.

— Alan Zupka, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in ORLANDO, FL