Parenting children can be a rewarding part of life. As most parents know, it can also be extremely challenging. And, with so much (often contradictory) information out there about how to parent “right”, it can be difficult to feel confident in your choices.  This can be compounded when you and your partner disagree on parenting decisions or when you are facing additional hurdles like financial difficulties, divorce, mental illness, death or a child with special medical or developmental needs. If you are experiencing excessive feelings of guilt or stress as it relates to parenting, a qualified mental health professional can help. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s experts today.

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As a parent of 3 children I am a forever learning to navigate the joys of parenthood. I have a passion for equipping parents using strategies and techniques such as Love and Logic. While teaching parents skills and tools to add to their parenting toolbox, I often find myself learning from their examples and experience. It takes a village to raise our children. Let's work together to help you find the confidence and support you need to raise confident, successful children.

— Jason Brown, Licensed Professional Counselor in North Richland Hills, TX

The only you are taught to parent is the way you have been parented. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like you’re doing a good enough job. I worked for over two years doing Intensive In-Home Therapy, partnering with parents and families to cope with behaviors from trauma, depression, and anxiety and helped improve the overall climate in houses. I know you can parent intentionally, compassionately, and courageously breaking the cycle that has been passed down.

— Timothy Kelly, Clinical Social Worker in Aurora, CO

Parenting is nonstop, full of snap decisions, and often thankless. Parenting can trigger us to act in ways that can surprise us. For these reasons, we as parents can feel unsupported. I have extensive experience counseling parents from those considering becoming a parent to parenting adults.

— Constance Thorsnes, Marriage & Family Therapist

Parenting is the hardest role that we can never adequately prepare for. I've spent the last 7 years working with parents/families to help them understand how they got to where they are so they can build the skills to venture down a better path. I teach from an attachment/peaceful parenting perspective as I feel that much of "mainstream" parenting leads to disconnect, emotional dysfunction and covert violence. We tend to repeat what we know until we know better.

— Jennifer Dolphin, Licensed Professional Counselor in Anchorage, AK

In addition to my experience as a parent, I provide parents with consultation & behavior management training. Behavior management training is more than developing a chore chart or time out chair. It is helping a child do more of the positive things they already do & less unsafe, disrespectful and irresponsible behaviors. Most parents have heard of time out but what about time in! In addition to helping parents I also have more than 10 years experience helping school with behavior management .

— Gina/GinaMarie Dattilo, Psychologist in Exton, PA

I have supported parents, caregivers, and future parents and their children in addressing emotional, relational and behavioral needs. I am rostered in Child-Parent Psychotherapy through the UCSF Child Trauma Research Program. I completed my Post Master's Clinical Fellowship at UCSF Children's Hospital in Oakland in the Early Intervention Services Department where I received specialized training on child-parent therapy.

— Shohreh Schmuecker, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Lafayette, CA

I work with parents to implement positive parenting techniques. Decrease contentious arguments and power struggles and learn to create healthy flexible boundaries for their children.

— Leonna Chodos, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Jose, CA

Parenting therapy is all about one-on-one support, where someone listens. The aim is to provide necessary space to learn knowledge, tools, guidance, and most especially support to parents without bias or judgment. We all need that in our life, somewhere we can vent and connect our thoughts. Therapy is just for that a place where you can unload and face difficult moments in parenting.

— savannah wilson, Student Therapist in oakland, CA

When a minor or adult child is experiencing prolonged emotional distress or is in crisis, all family members suffer. Teletherapy has enabled me to include extended family members including grandparents in different locations and time zones to collectively support each other as they work to develop strategies to assist and comfort the child .

— Susan Cote, Clinical Social Worker in LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL

I am certified in Circle of Security Parenting and Trust Based Relational Intervention. I can help you learn ways to connect with your child, to get your child to follow directions without power struggles and to see where your past experiences may be impacting your parenting and how to make changes so you’re present and intentional with your parenting choices.

— Kylee Nelson, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Denver, CO

More Empowered Parenting Each age and stage brings unique challenges for parents . I can help you understand why these challenges are so difficult, and give you tools that will empower you to be the parent you want to be. As someone with an inside perspective, I help parents of children with special needs and/or mental health concerns who have greater demands stress than other parents. I get it and I can help.

— Robin K. Schnitzler, Marriage & Family Therapist in Middleton, WI

I have worked with many parents not only grow their parenting tool box when raising a sensitive or complex child, but remember themselves and their needs during that journey. The world is very quick to slap labels and requirements on a parent and trying to fit that mold is exhausting and unfair. You are unique, and I want to have confidence in yourself. I want you to prioritize yourself and your needs. You don’t have to suffer, put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others.

— Alisha Olson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Candidate

Parenting can be the hardest, yet most rewarding role we experience in life. And while it's a shared experience by many, it doesn't mean it gets any easier or we get always the support we desperately need. I opened Cultivating Heart Counseling to create a safe space to explore all those insecurities, doubts, and worries related to parenting without the judgement.

— Jessica Reynoso, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Gilbert, AZ

More Empowered Parenting: Each age and stage brings unique challenges for parents. I help parents understand why some issues are so difficult and provide tools to be the kind of effective and loving parent they want to be. From lived experience, I support parents of children with special needs and/or mental health challenges. These situations create greater stress on all family relationships. I get it and I can help.

— Robin K. Schnitzler, Marriage & Family Therapist in Middleton, WI

Coaching and therapy for parents of young adults who are struggling to "launch". Extensive experience in supporting parents to change their role and support their young adult to take ownership, find direction, and source internal drive.

— Jessi Frothingham, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Portland, OR

Parenting has always been pretty difficult--but parenting during a pandemic has definitely upped the difficulty level! Raising tiny (and not so tiny) humans shouldn't feel so overwhelming & hopeless. I work with caregivers to help them decode their child's behaviors & unlock the joy in caregiving again. Common concerns I see are related to challenging behaviors, frustration, limit-setting, & providing a guide for responsive parenting.

— Mary-Rose Granlund, Social Worker in Eagan, MN

As a parent myself, there were times where I didn't know where to go, what to do and what was my role. Parenting is hard! It's one of our most important jobs and yet we were never trained to do it. It's just not fair. Through therapy you can discover how to parent according to your values, you can understand your own triggers to situations, and how to foster a healthy relationship with your child that communicates your love and also respects your own boundaries.

— Bruna M. Lupo, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern in Orlando, FL

If your kid is keeping you up at night, I can equip you to be the parent you know yourself to be. Maybe you’re wavering between angry dictator and an exhausted observer. You’ve tried your parent’s advice, the teacher’s advice, and yet here you are. Every meltdown leaves you feeling wrung out and guilty. I’ll work with you and your child’s education team to create a plan that helps your kiddo feel successful and thrive.

— Emilea Richardson, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Charleston, SC

It's not easy to parent in the modern world, and with the pandemic weighted on top of it? Whew. As a parent myself who has studied the special stressors parents endure, I bring a specialized understanding of parents who work inside and outside the home.

— Ellen Ross Hodge, Counselor in Seattle, WA