Monica Vilhauer (she/her)

Certified Philosophical Counselor, Ph.D. in Philosophy
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Hello! I'm a philosophical counselor. I help clients seeking more clarity, meaning, and self-determination in their lives.

Counselor in Portland, OR


About My Clients

Are you feeling disillusioned lately? Questioning mainstream beliefs and values? Wondering who you are and what the point of your life is? Perhaps you've spent a lot of time fulfilling someone else's expectations, and you're not sure how to find your own direction. Maybe you've even endured dehumanizing situations and feel your life is not your own. It's time to re-claim the purpose, empowerment, authenticity... and humanity you crave. I can see clients living anywhere via Zoom.

My Background and Approach

In philosophical counseling, we pick up the ancient philosophical practice of examining assumptions, beliefs, and values that you might have inherited without question, and we consider whether some of them might be causing you problems. We deliberate about alternative, more empowering ways of thinking and experiment with ways you can put new insights into practice for a more self-determined and fulfilling life. We clarify your values, aspirations, sense of integrity, and vision of who you want to be. And we get to work transforming your day-to-day life with that vision in mind. When we come up against problematic power relations in your life that are stifling your personhood and growth, we analyze them, articulate the problems, find YOUR voice, and identify the different choices available to you. Even in the most restricted situations, there are always windows of freedom. We will find them so that you can move forward in your own way.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe the majority of life's problems are rooted in the challenges of the human condition that we all face -- the challenges of creating meaning, freedom, integrity, justice, and authenticity in our lives. Because our lives are often burdened by others' beliefs and expectations, as well as cultural forces of objectification and dehumanization, we can feel that our lives are not our own. Sometimes we even feel less than human. But we can resist alienation and reclaim our lives by examining old assumptions, pushing back against problematic power relations, developing a deeper philosophy of human well-being, and putting our new insights into practice. With thought, choice, and creativity, we can build a better life. I believe everyone needs a philosophical friend for that journey: someone who sees you as a whole person, thinks and deliberates with you, values and respects your uniqueness and autonomy, and walks with you as a partner on your path. I aim to be that person for you.

I offer online counseling in the following states:

At A Glance

  • Experience: 6 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $75 - 150/session

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