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Every relationship comes with its fair share of issues. Navigating the complexities of life together is hard enough, but when you start to feel regularly distressed or hopeless, about your relationship, it may be time to seek professional help. No matter what your issues seem to stem from (disagreements about money, sex, stress, chronic illness, mental illness, infidelity, trust, emotional distance, parenting etc.), if you and your partner are arguing more frequently and experiencing feelings of resentment or contempt, it is likely that there are some underlying problems to address. Because many problems in relationships are a result of communication issues, a qualified mental health therapist can teach you to find new ways of talking to each other to help you find your way back to common ground. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s relationship and marriage issues experts today.

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As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, my graduate education and in the field training and experience has been focused on treating relationships. I am a Certified PREPARE/ENRICH Facilitator. I provide premarital counseling, treat couple dissatisfaction, and identify growth and strength areas within the relationship.

— Diana Siew, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles, CA

My primary specialty is couples and how to reconnect and work through things that hinder your relationship. I have training in the Gottman Method Level 1, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy to name a few modalities. My expertise is in working on accountability within your relationship so all gaps in your relationship can be bridged.

— Darrell Reese, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in HOUSTON, TX

Even if you and your partner have been struggling for a long time, your relationship can improve. What you think the other thinks or intends or believes may not be right. Sometimes in order to hear one a another, really hear one another it takes an expert to help you sort through the noise. Jeannette York is such an expert. For over 15 years she has been helping couples and families have healthy and healing conversations.

— Jeannette York, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Toluca Lake, CA

Relationships can be so nourishing & fulfilling. They also can be tiring, complex, and confusing. I specialize in working with those who are struggling with a relationship, whether it's an intimate relationship, friendship, or family relationship. It's helpful to have an unbiased perspective, a safe place where you can explore what's contributing to the disconnection, and receive supportive feedback on how to resolve the issue at hand. Let's explore your concerns together!

— Dr. Anissa York, Psychologist

Virginia Satir, an early figure in the field of relationship therapy, said: “Relationships are people growing machines.” Your relationship WILL push you to grow both as an individual and as a couple. Stress and conflict are often a sign that growth is on the horizon. I promise that it will be hard work and I promise it will not be easy. I also promise that I can help you experience the joy of leaning into and fully realizing the growth that can only happen in a place of discomfort.

— Emily Stone, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Austin, TX

Relationship and or marital issues are one of the top issues in midlife crisis. Relationship or marital issues include parenting, divorce, blended family, expatriation, unhealthy patterns of communication or boundaries, and retirement. In therapy with me, individuals and couples will learn to communicate and set healthy boundaries in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

— Noelia Leite, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Miami, FL

I utilize 80+ years of cross-cultural attachment research (the science of relationships) in my work with couples. I help couples like you understand the reactivity (ways we act/feel out of control) and attachment strategies that cause fights & arguments (aka "communication issues") they experience are because of 3 primary reasons (none are your fault). But more importantly, the 5 ways to move from reactivity to openness, understanding, self-control, kindness, compassion & connection.

— Brian La Roy Jones, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Walnut Creek, CA

I offer individual counseling as well as couples/family counseling, and have a true passion for helping those confronting relationship issues (or those simply looking to strengthen their partnerships). With a background in group therapy, I have an intimate understanding of how interpersonal dynamics are often a reflection of deeper, internal struggles we may face.

— Amy Dombrowski, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Brooklyn, NY

Relationships can bring feelings excitement, love, and belonging. They can also bring heartbreak, despair, and worry. Humans are social animals- we thrive when we connect with others. However, relationships (with friends, family, and partners) can be confusing and bring a mix of emotions. I can help you to process these changes in relationships and their effect on your mental health and wellbeing. Relationships are not black and white and we often must put work into them to gain clarity.

— Katie DeVoll, Counselor in New york, NY

When I work with couples, I focus on understanding the dreams, hopes, and longings of each partner, while keeping the awareness on what brings them together. Couples seek consultations when they want to rekindle their relationship, restore their sexual connection, navigate conflict, reshape their co-parenting, figure out how to come back from an affair, or find a way forward to terminate their relationship, among others.

— Jimena Castro, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Any relationship, whether it’s friendships, dating, marriage, family dynamics, or divorce have their struggles. It may sound cheesy, however communication is key to establishing a healthy and happy relationship. Brittany can help you improve the relationships that you care about most and determine which relationships aren’t as healthy or productive for you.

— Brittany Quinn, Licensed Professional Counselor in Berlin, CT

I have a passion for helping people love themselves and others.

— Dr. Isabell Springer, Marriage & Family Therapist in Los Angeles, CA

Relationship and marriage issues are emotionally charged. It is hard to separate what are each person’s own issues from the problems between the individuals. It is easy to be activated by accusations and behaviors of the other person. This makes it hard to know where to start, or even what to believe. Whether your relationship is just growing stale or is co-dependent or even abusive, it is important for you to focus on your own healing and growth. I will help you find your footing, so you have a place to stand in strength and confidence. This will allow you to then work on your relationship issues without having your personal stuff get in the way.

— Jaclin Belabri, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in ,

I believe that some of the most profound healing and enlightenment can happen in relationship. As humans, we are built to connect and share our authentic selves with those we love. Unfortunately we live in a world that often does not support exactly that. When I work with couples, my hope is to facilitate an environment that can help heal past wounds, and build lasting and fulfilling relationships.

— Danielle Goldstein, Marriage & Family Therapist in Denver, CO

Every couple has a life of it's own. Often the patterns of conflict and disengagement are bigger and more powerful than one person. This is why I help couples not only identify their patterns, but learn new ways of regulating and managing their emotions together... in session. My goal is that you walk away with renewed empathy and deeper connection.

— Connor McClenahan, Psychologist in Los Angeles, CA

I use research based approaches in working with couples. I support all types of relationships and approach each situation with a non-judgmental approach and understanding.

— Andrew Carini, Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Tarpon Springs, FL