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Every relationship comes with its fair share of issues. Navigating the complexities of life together is hard enough, but when you start to feel regularly distressed or hopeless, about your relationship, it may be time to seek professional help. No matter what your issues seem to stem from (disagreements about money, sex, stress, chronic illness, mental illness, infidelity, trust, emotional distance, parenting etc.), if you and your partner are arguing more frequently and experiencing feelings of resentment or contempt, it is likely that there are some underlying problems to address. Because many problems in relationships are a result of communication issues, a qualified mental health therapist can teach you to find new ways of talking to each other to help you find your way back to common ground. Reach out to one of TherapyDen’s relationship and marriage issues experts today.

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I am a relationship specialist. I believe lasting connection is achievable and I want to help you experience it.

— Sheldon Kay, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Sugar Hill, GA

Our internal world reflects a lifetime of experiences affecting how we process and interpret each other within relationships. I approach couples/marriage therapy through a Contemporary Psychoanalytic Lens, deepening the understanding of what is being communicated through behaviors. Within therapy, individuals can safely work towards redefining relationships, experience catharsis and address concerns that initially brought them to see me.

— Jon Soileau, Licensed Professional Counselor in Kansas City, MO

I have advanced training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.

— Amanda Leno, Licensed Professional Counselor in Gilbert, AZ

Relationship issues are often seen as indicative that a relationship is not working out. After becoming specialized and learning about attachment, I've come to see them as confirmation that we yearn for connection, but also as an opportunity to identify our wounds getting in the way that need healing. Working with an emotionally focused, trauma knowledgeable therapist can help you and your partner learn how to turn conflict into healing, so that you don't have to heal alone.

— Maritza Plascencia, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Tustin, CA

Relationship distress can make conversations speed up into intense feelings and quickly feel out of control. My job is to hit the pause button and invite you to reflect on what is happening for you as we talk: what are you feeling and thinking? What do you imagine your partner is thinking or feeling? So often the parts of our inner experience that matter the most do not make it into the conversation! Together, our work is to notice all these details and include them in the conversation.

— Paul Taruskin, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Berkeley, CA

Relationships aren’t easy and maintaining respectful communication and boundaries while building connection can be a tough balance. We will work together to find the core issues and bring happiness back to your relationship which you both deserve!

— Esti Piotrkovski, Licensed Professional Counselor in Red Bank, NJ

Having fulfilling relationships of any kind is the hardest part of living well. Add sexual attraction to the mix and you're in for a bumpy ride. The more intimacy you want to achieve, the trickier things get. It's odd that we save our worst behavior for those we love the most. I can teach you why and what to do about it. Love is a skill. Learn the skill and have fulfilling relationships.

— Eddie Reece, Licensed Professional Counselor in Alpharetta, GA

I provide therapy that focuses on the dynamics of your relationships and how it affects your functionality! I have worked with the following relationship issues, such as: -anger & trust issues -marital or couples counseling -open, non-monogamy, and poly relationships -infidelity: emotional or physical -communication, boundaries, and coping with life skills

— Lori Michels, Sex Therapist in Palm coast, FL

Trust, intimacy, communication -- breakdowns in any of these can make satisfying long-term relationships difficult to sustain. I can help you explore the obstacles to a fulfilling partnership, and discuss frequent problems that occur, such as lack of transparency about money; differences in sexual desire; imbalances in division of labor; the push-pull between needing to be one's one person and needing to feel at-one with another.

— Jeffrey Kishner, Mental Health Counselor in , NY

As a marriage and family therapist, I help couples at all stages in their relationship. We will focus on the patterns in your relationship that are keeping you stuck in cycles that you do not like. I will help you improve your communication skills with one another. I can also teach you concrete tools to manage emotions and symptoms related to processing trauma.

— Kathleen Smith, Marriage & Family Therapist in Washington, DC

I help couples to practice honest and respectful ways of communicating that result in feelings of togetherness, deep friendship, trust, and passion. Together I help partners to facilitate connection and authentic communication, resolve gridlocked issues, decrease negative conflict, and deepen their emotional and sexual intimacy. I have taken advanced Gottman training and I am listed on their website.

— John Buscher, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Seattle, WA

I primarily use an approach called EFT, a clinically-proven therapy for couples that can help improve your communication and connection profoundly. This method allows you to have new conversations and see yourselves and your relationship in a new light. Couples I work with find this helps them resolve current issues while also helping them recognize and prevent challenges before they start. It allows them to have a better understanding of what is really going on, rather than have to guess.

— Christina Hughes, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in SAN FRANCISCO, CA

Feeling too much tension and discord in your relationship? I work to find the source of those conflicts and help resolve them. Specific interests: frequent arguing, losing your spark, falling out of love, discernment about your future, getting back to "before," impacts of infidelity Note that couples therapy is only indicated for partners who are physically and psychologically safe with one another. The National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1.800.799.SAFE (7233)

— Laura McMaster, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Atlanta, GA

The most important relationship you have….is with yourself. In fact, you can not begin to develop quality relationships with others until you get that relationship right. How you relate to YOU determines how you relate to the world and, most importantly, how you relate to others. From romantic relationships to friends, parents, roommates, or even your new boss, together we can improve your relationship dynamics by first working from within and then mastering interpersonal effectiveness skills.

— Jerry Ochoa, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in Turlock, CA

My license is in Marriage & Family Therapy which means I am trained and skilled to work on relationships of all configurations. I have strong interests in working with adult clients of childhood alcoholic and/or abusive homes as well as divorce and

— Vanessa Tate, Marriage & Family Therapist in Denver, CO