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As an experienced professional, I hold safe space for you to be you and help you identify what you need to go forward.

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About My Clients

I specialize in working with tired health care professionals & maturing women as they identify what they want in the Next Chapter of their life- personally and/or professionally. You might recognize not only your body is changing, but your needs have changed. I would love to support you in exploring of what’s possible & clarifying what you want next for yourself, as well as finding self acceptance & self compassion along the way.

My Background and Approach

While I've been a Therapist for over 30 years, I am not working with you to diagnosis illness, but to strengthen mental wellness and well being. I love working with Health Care Professionals to combat compassion fatigue & enhance self care. My approach is holistic, deep, and insightful, and is typically shorter term. It often changes the foundation of how clients understand themselves; confirms what they've known and is completely Strengths-based. My approach focuses on helping you understand what restores your batteries & how to manage your energy effectively. We get clear on which senses drive your experience of the world, and how you make your best decisions. We also drill down a bit on how you experience time and what has caused pressure in your life. I’d love to answer any questions you might have & how I can help during a free consultation.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I Believe that the biggest gift we can give another human being- is to see them as they are. I Believe that Self Acceptance & Self Compassion are the keys to a gentler life; humans are always doing their best, given the information they have & humans beings make mistakes & often forgiveness must begin with ourselves. Having taken big leaps and trusting the net would appear to step into a new expression of my life, I want to support others as they do the same. The "unprecedented times" we've experienced through Covid19, have also brought increasing awareness that "doing what we've always done"- no longer works. Finding the ways of being in our lives that bring us fulfillment- in our relationships as well as our work lives, needs to take a new priority. Recognizing our unique strengths, experiences, and contributions is a necessity to going forward in the new world. I’d love to support you in your own journey.

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  • Experience: 34 years of practice
  • Rate: $125 - 175/session

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